Your Offline Marketing Efforts: Building a Brand with Graphic Design

Nowadays, it seems everything you see about marketing involves something digital. There’s a good reason for this, especially if you’re a small brand trying to compete with the big brands: it’s reasonably priced especially compared with broadcast TV, it’s more DIY than the slick graphics crafted by trained artists, and you get easy-to-understand metrics to help optimize your campaigns. With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why brands place less emphasis on offline marketing efforts, such as logos, signage, and other offline marketing graphics that build your brand. But, that’s a mistake.

Some of the most successful companies managed to achieve such a leading status in their industry because they teamed up with a high-quality graphic design agency. After all, the importance of offline marketing cannot be ignored, and graphic design agencies play a pivotal role in ensuring your company brands itself correctly – even in today’s digital age!

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One of the main benefits associated with using a graphic design agency is that you reap the rewards of expert service; people who understand color, space, and other design elements to craft not only beautiful designs but ones that represent your brand well. Graphic designers also know lots about branding and marketing. This is especially the case if you choose someone with experience in your market, for example, branding for mining companies rather than a general agency because they’re up on trends in your industry and among competitors. Of course, they are armed with all of the design rules and processes, which they learned when getting their qualifications. Nonetheless, they are ingrained in the industry, and thus they will be up to date with all of the latest trends. They know what works and what doesn’t, and this is extremely important.

In addition to this, another benefit you get by hiring a graphic design agency is time efficiency. Do you really want to handle this side of your offline marketing campaign yourself? From logo design to various print products, no matter what task lies ahead, it is likely to be very time consuming – especially for someone who has not been trained in design and current tools like Indesign. By using a graphic design agency you have time to concentrate on the core focus of your business i.e. what makes you money.

A lot of companies do not use graphic design agencies because they are actually unaware of the depth of the service provided by them. Many people assume that a graphic designer’s job is simply to make something look attractive. Of course, this is part of the process, however, a lot of what they do revolves around strategy. Extensive research and analysis are required to guarantee that a graphic design firm effectively portrays what your company stands for and that’s is in the wheelhouse of a graphic design firm. The value of this is significant.

Last but not least, the final benefit associated with using a graphic design agency is the fact that they will save you money. This is something you may find hard to believe. After all, you are paying for a service, thus surely you are spending money? However, the return on the investment you made in hiring a design agency is significant, and therefore you will quickly make back the money back you paid for the service. Your digital marketing campaign will benefit from your offline marketing efforts and you’re likely to see your revenue rise substantially as a result.

What should you look for when trying to find the best graphic design agencies?

As touched upon, the services offered by graphic design agencies are closely related to branding. Therefore, it is imperative to select a company that displays extensive experience in marketing. Graphic design is not merely about providing something that looks attractive. It needs to perfectly encapsulate your brand’s message and what your company is all about.

In addition to this, you should also look for a company that is results driven. This is actually a quality a lot of people overlook. Of course, you want your end product to be one that looks impressive, yet it needs to drive your results and make you money as well. The company needs to have a clear vision of how they are going to ensure you make a return on investment.

You should carefully examine the agency’s portfolio. There, you’ll see examples of the work they have done for other clients and this gives you a great idea regarding their level of capability and creativity. The best portfolios are those that are diverse, as this shows the graphic design company has the ability to handle any task that is thrown their way, and this should fill you with confidence that you will be happy with the service.

On a final note, it is worth reading the reviews left by previous customers. Client reviews give you an honest insight into what prior clients have to say about the service they experienced and the products they received in return for their money. If a company has a bad reputation, you should be able to pick up on this easily through the reviews.

All in all, it is quite clear that there are many advantages to be gained by hiring a top quality graphic design agency. The only thing you need to do now is to find the best company for you. You should look for an agency that is experienced and has provided their services for your industry before. You should also read reviews that have been left by previous customers and take a look at their portfolio as well.

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