Your Office is a Reflection of Your Brand

atmospherics in retail

Did you know your office is a reflection of your brand? A messy office tells customers you’re disorganized, and a dingy office that you’re sloppy. When you present a nicely appointed office that’s clean and well-maintained, you not only tell customers and prospects that you care about doing a good job but that you’re successful. A nice office builds trust in the performance you deliver to customers.

One of the things that people often forget about in business is the fact that your business office is a reflection of your brand. There are so many moving parts to your business that demand your attention, that it’s easy to forget the impact your office has on visitors. However, your office is actually massively important because if the business building or the office isn’t up to snuff, customers will choose another brand when it comes to spending their hard-earned money. In retail, we refer to these outward signs as atmospherics but the same principle holds true in offices where customers/ clients come to meet your staff. Keep reading down below if you would like to find out more about how to decorate an office that offers a positive reflection of your brand.

Below you can see the many atmospheric factors that impact consumer choice in retail. All of these are a reflection of your brand when it comes to office space, except for store layout factors and a few modifications of other factors. For instance, a physician’s office might want to invest in new equipment to appear state-of-the-art and competent to patients. A lawyer’s office needs law books even though most attorneys now turn to online databases such as Westlaw and Lexis. Privacy is often important in many offices so cubicles send the message that your conversations can be overheard by other staff members.

office is a reflection of your brand
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Creating an office that’s a positive reflection of your brand

Look around your office right now. View it as an outsider might view the space. What message does your office send to prospective customers and clients? Is your office a positive reflection of your brand? Let’s fix any problems you find when you look at your office through the eyes of a customer/ client.

Keep the outside well-maintained

Start by stepping outside your office to see if the building is well-maintained. Does the building need a good power washing? Is the landscaping attractive, with plants in good health?

Another aspect of a well-maintained building involves ensuring that the trash is cleared up from the outside, that you have the exterior cleaned regularly, and that you are doing everything in your power to keep it looking nice.

But, don’t stop with the building. Check out the parking lots and walkways leading into the building.

  1. Is there enough parking for your normal customer load?
  2. Is the parking lot in good condition? If not, it might be worth looking into a company like EverLine Coatings and Services to do the paving in your parking lot so that it’s not full of holes.
  3. Do visitors use the walkways or are they killing the grass by using a different path to your door? In my Ph.D. program at the University of South Florida, I learned that the university didn’t add walkways initially. Instead, they paved over the pathways students and faculty used to get from building to building. If you find customers avoid your pathways in favor of shortcuts, you might consider changing the pathways to reflect customer choice.
  4. Is the outside of the building well-lit? No one, especially a woman, wants to go out to the parking lot in the dark.
  5. Has the neighborhood deteriorated since you moved in? It might be time to search out new digs.

If you own the building, make sure to budget for maintenance and repairs in planning expenses to ensure there’s always enough money to keep the outside of your office looking good. If you lease the office space, consider building in a clause into the lease that requires a certain level of maintenance on the building.

Make the inside comfortable

The next thing that you need to consider if you want your office to be a good reflection of your brand is ensuring the inside of your business office is comfortable. This means looking into things like ergonomic furniture for your employees (your internal customers) so they don’t risk developing common injuries associated with sitting at a desk all day like sore backs and carpal tunnel.

employee collaborationTurning to your visitors, you want to ensure that all furniture for your clients is comfortable as well as stylish and in good condition. Look carefully at all of the options, and even consider hiring an interior designer to help you if you think you need it. A posh office is necessary for some industries, especially service businesses that lack tangibility. A posh office sends the signal that you’re successful and that customers/ clients can trust you. If employees routinely meet with clients in the office, set up conference rooms to ensure privacy and add technology to these spaces so you don’t tie your employee’s hands behind their backs when they need to share a presentation or offer a demonstration.

Your office sends a message, as well, and that message changes in different industries. For instance, in a tech company, it’s common to see lots of tech in the office as well as providing relaxation for employees, since spending a day coding can really burn them out. Some tech offices include various forms of entertainment such as a relaxation pod or video gaming area.

The only thing that you want to be careful of is the fact that you don’t want to make it too cozy like a home living room. You still want your office professional-looking while also comfortable at the same time.

Think about getting a new sign

The last thing that I want to mention when it comes to an office as a good reflection of your brand is outdoor signage. The more enticing that you can make this sign, the more appealing it’s going to be to those walking past.

It might be worth getting a few signs, one for outside your business office, and a couple for other areas nearby to point in the right direction. You can get these custom-made to ensure that they have the best impact possible and that they all match the brand of your business in terms of color palette, fonts, and other style elements.


We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the things that you can do to ensure that your business office is in the best possible condition. If it’s not, it will hinder your overall business success, leading your business down a path that you do not want to go down. We wish you the very best of luck and hope that you manage to make your business successful in the future.

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