What Makes Liferay Development Services the Best Option?

In recent times, Liferay development services have become a popular way to reduce the effort needed to develop websites, intranets, mobile apps, and other digital assets needed by a modern company. When it comes to horizontal portals, Liferay has been at the top of Gartner’s list for a while. Delivering dependable and robust web app solutions that rely on common building blocks to reduce your effort. Liferay is an open-source corporate software development platform. Yet even with the suite of frameworks, libraries, and other tools, development with Liferay is still challenging. That’s where a company dedicated to Liferay development comes in. A Liferay development services company is an invaluable asset when creating bespoke, feature-rich software. If you’ve never heard of this before, read on to see if this is right for you to help move your brand forward.
liferay development services

Liferay development services: What are they?

Liferay DXP, a scalable platform, simplifies business portal and interactive website development, as well as making it easier to develop other digital products. Businesses may utilize it easily and get a greater ROI than other platforms as it reduces the need to constantly rewrite the code necessary for functionality across projects. Multinational organizations use Liferay to improve the customer experiences and engagement they need to support growth. More and more developers are using Liferay for their website development needs because the platform is very powerful and efficient. You may find top Liferay developers offshore, on Upwork or Fiverr, or in-house. All methods have pros and cons, but most companies pick offshore development since it’s cheaper.

How does developing a web application with Liferay affect your business?

Building a gateway or web app using Liferay has several advantages, such as:

  1. Maintaining contact with your clients – With the help of Liferay development services, you can create a powerful digital platform where your clients can interact with you and have their questions answered. Easy communication and a user-friendly interface are key features of Liferay. Various gadgets, including mobile devices, provide customers with the material they require.
  2. Adjust as you proceed – As your requirements and demands evolve, you may take advantage of Liferay’s many customization possibilities. With Liferay, you can easily adapt your work to changing market circumstances or customer demands. It’s the ideal solution for contemporary, flexible enterprises. The development teams who work with Liferay may move components and tools around to make changes to the program whenever you need them.
  3. Cost-effectiveness – Liferay is an open-source platform that provides a plethora of tools and themes for a single license, making it very cost-effective. From collaboration and administration to online publishing, the built-in capabilities cover almost every requirement that businesses have.
  4. Security – You have an obligation to safeguard your clients’ data regardless of the size of your organization. To keep your company safe from cyber-attacks and other risks including cross-site request forgery (CSRF), clickjacking, path traversal, local file inclusion, and content sniffing, Liferay adheres to the OWASP standards.
  5. A solution fit for an enterprise – As a major organization, you have all the needs met by the Enterprise version of Liferay, which includes substantial technical help. Because of the easy-to-use drag-and-deploy modules and functionality, enterprise applications may be built without coding. With the use of the portlets and add-ons, developers will be able to make extensive customizations to your solution with little to no investment.
  6. Adaptability – One of the most versatile and adaptable systems available, Liferay supports a wide variety of programming languages, not the limited set of Java and C++. There isn’t an ERP or CMS system out there that it can’t connect to.
  7. An enhancement to the user interface – Better UI/UX compatibility and support for design tools like CSS and HTML5 are offered by Liferay. Customers get a better, more customized experience since users may customize portals and web pages using the Liferay framework. Easily add, alter, and remove stuff from your ECM as you see fit.
  8. Excellent modules and out-of-the-box API – More than sixty modules are available with Liferay. Instead of creating a huge software from scratch, you may construct smaller components while still guaranteeing the app’s smooth performance. Software maintenance and installation management are made a breeze with the drag-and-drop feature. It also has pre-built process APIs that developers can use to save time and make sure nothing goes wrong. As needed, you may alter or establish processes.

Liferay development services – The process

Building a digital asset is more than coding and that’s where it helps to hire a Liferay development company. The process starts with a discussion of your needs and goals for the project. It then proceeds through the following phases:

  1. Business analysis, which involves exploring the Liferay functionality that meets your requirements as well as identifying other 3rd party integrations and custom development required. This step ends with a cost estimate and delivery schedule.
  2. UI/UX design phase, which uses market research to create a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for visitors to interact with your company and achieve their goals. As you can see below, a well-crafted UI/UX delivers value to your company. A style guide for brand consistency is also part of this phase.

    why ui is important
    Image courtesy of Rice University
  3. Deployment and after-launch support, so your project migrates to a live platform from the sandbox and supporting content and other migration issues.
  4. Configuration and implementation, which means you have some customized page templates to meet your goals, set up pages and content, and configure master pages.
  5. Theme and stylebook creation so you can maintain consistency across your branding campaigns.

Sum up

For businesses looking to enhance the whole customer journey with engaging, frictionless, and error-free experiences, Liferay is the ideal platform. Use Liferay development services by Aimprosoft if you want to construct engaging web apps or portals for large-scale enterprises.

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