What are the Most Effective Ways to Get Your Brand Out?

One of the most important aspects of your business is branding. You need your customers to know your name, and they need as much exposure to it as possible so that they can recognize who you are and what you can offer. Hence, we’ll discuss practical ways to get your brand out today. Let’s start by talking about what a brand is. As you can see in the image below, a brand symbolizes many things to consumers and these things matter when it comes to choosing which product to buy.

get your brand out
Image courtesy of Clarity

Why branding is important

Some folks think branding is the images used to symbolize the brand, but a brand is so much more than that. Think about a brand name and images like a logo as a human name; it’s a tool for identifying something. A brand name only has meaning once you build a series of associations about the brand. For instance, we know Steve Jobs as one of the founders of Apple Computers, a notoriously difficult person to work for (he was even fired from his own company), and someone who was a genius when it came to creating tech that made life easier for millions. So, while a brand name and associated images help identify a brand, it’s these associations that drive purchase decisions.

Let’s dive into how a brand supports your marketing efforts.

Identity and recognition

A brand name creates a unique identity for a business, although it has limited meaning until it is filled with brand associations. We refer to this as brand image and it’s this image that drives purchase behavior. All a name and likeness do is differentiate the company from competitors and make it easily recognizable to consumers. This recognition is the first step in building customer loyalty and trust.

A good brand name can start the process of building the brand image. Going back to our Apple Computer’s example, the name and logo refer to the founder of modern computing, Alan Turing. When forced to take medication to curb his homosexuality, he chose to commit suicide by taking a bite from a poisoned apple. Hence, the brand starts with associations with innovation in computing and breaking from societal limitations.

Credibility and trust

A well-established brand conveys professionalism and reliability when the brand demonstrates these characteristics over time through interactions with customers, vendors, the media, and even employees. Living your company values, aligning them with your target market, and ensuring any mistakes are corrected quickly go a long way toward demonstrating to customers they should buy from you. Customers are more likely to trust and purchase from a brand that they perceive as credible and trustworthy.

Emotional connection

Effective branding can create an emotional connection with the target audience. A brand can foster strong relationships and drive customer loyalty by appealing to customers’ values, desires, and emotions.

Building an emotional connection is easier when you focus on building a brand personality that meshes with your brand and your target market. Consumers want to buy brands that are “for them” and brand personality is a way to demonstrate that fit.

the right brand personality
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Consistency is critical for successful branding. A single mistake, left hanging for too long or not addressed thoroughly, can destroy everything it took years to build. For instance, when tests found contaminants in Evian water, the company attempted to cover up the results. The truth eventually finds a way out, and their efforts backfired when the truth is uncovered. In contrast, Tylenol immediately fixed the problem caused by criminal tampering with their product by withdrawing the product and refunding customers for bottles they owned even before the source of the problem was discovered. Not only did Tylenal weather the storm in good shape, but their response led consumers to trust the brand more.

Consistent branding across all marketing channels and touchpoints ensures that customers have a unified and cohesive experience with the brand. This consistency reinforces the brand’s identity and helps build a strong, recognizable presence in the market.

Competitive advantage

A strong brand offers a powerful competitive advantage that’s hard to match. Competitors must spend money and exert effort to match the brand image already in consumers’ minds. A good brand can also make it easier to introduce new products or services, command premium pricing, and create barriers to entry for competitors.

Customer loyalty and retention

Branding helps create a loyal customer base. When customers feel connected to a brand and have positive experiences, they are likelier to return and recommend the brand to others.

Marketing and advertising efficiency

A strong brand makes marketing and advertising efforts more effective. Recognizable and respected brands can communicate their messages more efficiently and resonate better with their audience because they’ve proven that they deliver on their promises.

Also, the knowledge gained through tracking responses from your target market to advertising over time helps ensure your ads are more effective.

Business value

A well-established brand can significantly increase a business’s overall value. We call this brand equity and, even though you can’t take it to the bank, it’s very real. Brand equity can and does attract investors, partners, and makes financing from any source much easier. These factors contribute to the company’s long-term success and growth.

Employee morale and recruitment

A strong brand can also attract talented employees and boost morale within the company. Employees often take pride in working for a reputable and respected brand, which can lead to increased motivation and productivity.

Market expansion

A strong brand can facilitate market expansion and entry into new markets. It provides a foundation of trust and recognition that can be leveraged when introducing products or services to new customer segments or geographic areas.

Without your customers, you will struggle to keep your business afloat; after all, you won’t have a business without them. The more exposure your business gets, the better, and when you lean into your branding, that’s precisely what you can achieve. So, with that in mind, we’ve put together quick and easy ways for you to get your brand out there.

How to effectively get your brand out there

  1. Look into your current marketing strategy. Have you researched marketing a local business before you started? If you haven’t, then now is the time to do that. Marketing is essential as part of your brand strategy, and marketing a local business gives you reach to your local customers. Looking at your current marketing strategy is a great place to begin when you want to get your brand out there fast.
  2. Use social media. Branding is more than just your marketing strategy. It’s your logo, and it’s your voice. Your brand voice will be better amplified on social media, too, and you’ll be able to grow it locally and organically across the country. Social media is a great way to spread the news over your business, especially as everyone and anyone has the internet right in their pocket. It’s a constant advertising opportunity and will help you use photos and videos to showcase your brand.
  3. Invest in merchandise. You can elevate your brand by getting branded merchandise even if you are the new kid. You can give it away as a freebie, you can give your customers something to take home, and you’ll even have wearable merchandise that allows people to walk around advertising your business. Getting these branded items made up and ready to give to your customers is super easy. You can bring them to networking events, exhibitions and even to the office. Getting your team wearing branded merch is also a great way to showcase what you are doing with your business.
  4. Wrap your vehicle. A great way to advertise your business is to wrap your car with your brand and logo and get the right attention as you drive around town. Getting conversations around your vehicle gives you a moment to tell people about what you do. You can have your car wrapped quickly and do the same with any other company vehicle.
  5. Call the press. Honestly, media exposure will make a huge difference to your brand. You’ll be able to raise the profile of your business nationally, and hosting a charity event is an excellent way to do this.


Your brand is going to get out there if you know where to give it a push!

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