Using VoIP to Get the Most from Your Marketing Team

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Getting the most from your marketing team increases your profits and the ROI of your marketing activities. VoIP is a great tool to help you optimize the efforts of your marketing team.

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The VoIP market

VoIP or voice over internet protocol allows anyone to make telephone calls using the internet. Not only does using VoIP provide better service than traditional analog phones, but it also does it at a much lower cost. VoIP provides better quality while also providing access to services not available through traditional phones.

The VoIP market was valued at over $85 billion in 2021 and that number is expected to cross $150 billion by 2024. It is evident that the industry has potential and a lot of use, especially in the business sector, where it eliminates costly PBX systems connecting internal phone lines to the external phone system.

Approximately 30% of US businesses use VoIP services because of their robust networking frameworks, and high-end features. Of course, not all departments within a business can make full use of or needs a VoIP system. Chalkboard offers a second phone line for those who only need this option. However, one department that does need it is the marketing team.

Your marketing department benefits in numerous ways by using a business or enterprise VoIP solution. And in case you’re wondering how the businesses benefit, read on.

How VoIP benefits your marketing team

Facilitates targeted marketing strategies

Businesses choosing a VoIP service allows them to pick any phone number they want for their business. You won’t face any restrictions on the number you choose based on your geographical restrictions. While some companies abuse this by targeting local mobile users for unsolicited calls by using a local exchange, there are many legitimate reasons for choosing your phone number regardless of your physical location. For instance, you can then use your local number to target specific geographical markets. That facilitates your business’ targeted marketing strategies.

As you expand virtually and globally, your marketing team needn’t limit their efforts to reach targeted prospects with the same playbook for all types of clients. You can easily opt for different marketing approaches by identifying the customer base in any given region, based on their likes and dislikes, and so on.

Generates a better impression on the customer

VoIP features help your marketing team generate a better impression on potential clients. The system uses automated queue management and auto-attendant features to handle incoming calls effectively to limit wait times. It is as if the VoIP phone system were a virtual assistant of sorts. The enhanced quality of calls also provides a good impression for callers, showing the professionalism of your brand over less high-quality voice interactions. That improved impression of your brand based on providing a great customer experience translates into higher sales and more recommendations.

Minimizes costs while providing advanced features

VoIP phone systems save 40% of the costs normally assessed for local calls. VoIP further saves you 90% on international call bills. In total, you can save more than 30% on your phone bills each year. Besides, managing a business VoIP system is so easy that you can save an additional 75% in operational charges.

The cost savings don’t impact the features your VoIP service provider offers either. However, to get the best service possible, you need to find the best VoIP service provider. For that, you should consider going through the reviews of some of the top enterprise VoIP solution providers by selecting this link.

Ideally, look at the features the service providers offer and their rates when making comparisons. The VoIP system must have at least automated call recording, call routing, and call forwarding capabilities. You must also look into the system’s scalability and remote working capabilities.

While reading the reviews, check recommendations for how good the service provider’s customer support is, how responsive they are, and whether or not they can properly solve customers’ queries.

Lastly, consider the privacy and security features offered by various providers as these are serious concerns. Then, once you are satisfied with the information provided, look up their pricing and subscription plans, since these are also a consideration (though they shouldn’t be the overriding consideration when choosing a provider). Gather input from your marketing team afterward, and let them help decide whether or not you want to go for a particular service provider since they’re more likely to support the transition when they’re involved in the choice.

Promotes work-from-anywhere options

VoIP systems are not like traditional phone lines. Their extensions are virtual, and you can assign them to as many devices as you may want. Besides, VoIP systems are not bound to any geographical restrictions. Hence, your marketing team can make use of your business VoIP system’s features even when they work at home.

The remote working features of the VoIP system were much appreciated during the work-from-home days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Marketers were able to make the most of their company’s VoIP system in making pitches and client calls.

A new approach to improving team performance and training new recruits

Marketers can utilize business VoIP systems to gain insights into their team’s overall performance. They can also use the same system to train recruits. For all these functions, they can use the VoIP phone system’s call recording and analytics options.

The analytics show how many calls your sales representatives make, how long each call lasts, how many incoming calls they handle, how many people log off the call queue, and so on. By matching those numbers with the leads each marketing team member generates, you get a clear idea about their performance.

Besides, by using the automated call recording option, you can replay conversations of successful and unsuccessful business calls. These work as training materials for recruits and teach them which marketing tactics outperform others when talking to a client or prospect. You can even use successful calls to help your existing marketing folks improve their performance.


These are just a few of the ways your marketing team can make the most out of your company VoIP system, and benefit from it. So have them put the system to good use, and see what it can do for your business’ growth.

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