Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs Front-End Development

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It’s no secret in the world today that you need a killer website if you expect to compete for customers who increasingly start their product search online. In fact, studies show that 83% of consumers who walk into a physical store started their search online and, obviously, 100% of online shoppers (a growing source of revenue which accelerated due to the pandemic, as you can see in the graphic below) use online tools such as search engines, company websites, social media, or review sites before shopping in physical stores.  Despite this, 27% of small businesses don’t even have a website and 60% of consumers abandoned a website because of the poor user experience it provided. That’s lost money you could acquire if you put the time, effort, and money into building a website that’s functional and wows your visitors. That puts an emphasis on great front-end development, which we’ll discuss as today’s topic.

e-commerce sales
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Website architecture

If you don’t already know, a website is much more than what you see on your computer screen or mobile device. This is referred to as the front end of the website. It consists of the graphics, text, and other elements visitors see. Behind the scenes is what we call the backend, which users never see and is password-protected to keep unauthorized users from messing with the website. BTW, if you’re interested in inspecting a website’s back end, you can use Developer Tools offered in the Chrome toolbar to see the backend. You can copy this code but you can’t make any changes using this tool.

When you visit a website, everything you see is determined by what the developer coded in the backend. The “front end” of a website is usually built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Maybe someday, back-end development will use native language but that’s highly unlikely. Hence, ultimate control of the way a website looks and functions is under the control of trained coders with experience developing websites that provide a good user experience and meet the goals of website owners.

Front-end development is becoming more vital for company success as more people embrace the digital revolution. Companies need a consistent and clear online presence to attract, satisfy, and keep consumers.

Starting to understand the importance of front-end development? Let’s examine why front-end development matters for business.

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Building a killer website

Building a killer website doesn’t start with front-end development. It starts with the consumer because coding is expensive and time-consuming. By starting with satisfying consumer needs and iteratively testing your designs with prospective customers, you build a killer website the first time rather than wasting effort redesigning a website that doesn’t provide a great user experience.

Note in the image above, that the designers are workshopping their website design using core principles such as usability and visual design principles. They start the design with the mobile version (mobile-first design) and then translate their vision with the larger real estate available on a laptop/ desktop. They can show alternatives to prospective buyers to get feedback to improve the next iteration of the website. Since nothing is set in stone (coded) all they have to do is erase unwanted elements or move them around in their design.

Once you have a design that works for prospective customers, it’s time to bring in the folks who do front-end development to translate your vision into reality.

Top 5 reasons your business needs front-end development

Make an impact

Visitors form an opinion of your company within seconds of seeing your website. This quick look informs your brand image in their minds and the trust they are willing to place in your company. Have you ever clicked on a website that didn’t load within a few seconds? Or when you opened a badly designed website and immediately closed it? These are instinctual human traits. We instinctively choose what we like and avoid what doesn’t suit our aesthetics. Cutting effort and expenses with a poorly designed website is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Instead, invest in front-end development that gives you a website that resonates with your target market.

Visitors and prospective customers frequently first see you on a website. This is their initial impression of your firm. Here, your website’s structure and design must be so appealing, sturdy, and obvious that visitors are immediately captivated.

front-end development

You must also check that the interface is bug-free and everything is in its place. Front-end development may help you accomplish this by using the proper components in the right locations and a visually simplified site design that gets visitors’ attention at first sight so they don’t have to keep browsing for better options.

Facilitates navigation

Navigation is key to customer satisfaction and low bounce rates. It’s about making it easy for visitors to hop from page to page and link to link to locate what they need.

Front-end development services may simplify and streamline your website’s user experience. As visitors uncover fascinating connections or sites they didn’t realize they liked, it keeps their attention up. This simplicity of navigating may help lower your website’s bounce rates.

Helps retain users

A poor front end may rapidly reduce user retention. If your website is bad, hard to use, or unclear, people will depart for better possibilities. But a decent front end may make visitors pleased and return! This helps your firm retain paying consumers and increase online sales and income.

If they can’t locate what they want, 79% of users will abandon your website for another, according to research. This is useful information and illustrates how crucial front-end development is nowadays.

Improve performance

Business performance depends on earnings. Profits are the “end” consequence. To make those earnings, you need a great, user-friendly website. Front-end development may boost sales and company effectiveness.

It may encourage client loyalty, retention, conversion, and churn reduction. Thus, every firm, old or new, must have a flawless front end.

Branding alignment

Front-end development may assist firms in integrating their identity and online presence with client perception. Include your logo, colors, fonts, and theme in your branding. Companies must maintain this branding as they grow their internet presence. Front-end developers must employ the same branding elements as the rest of the firm. This helps people remember you so they can easily recognize you and your organization when they see anything about you online.


Investment in front-end development and site design boosts company success. A strong software development approach may ensure consumer satisfaction with your online presence. It may boost your business’s revenues, retention, brand recognition, and word of mouth.

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Poor website design is unjustified. Customers and tourists hate it and won’t stay long or return. Good front-end development may make a website so appealing that people will return. This maintains a good connection with visitors, which benefits your company.

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