Tips for Improving Organic Search Presence

Organic search presence, or organic share of voice, mirrors a brand’s authority on SERPs for all its relevant keyword searches. It relates to the space level your business content has gained on SERP rankings as opposed to its competitors. A robust organic presence implies that a website page or site regularly appears in the top SERPs for relevant queries without depending on paid ads.

organic search presence
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Why should you care about organic presence (or organic search rank)? Simply because content ranked higher by search engines achieves a much larger number of clicks than content with a lower rank. By the time you get to page 2 of SERPs (search engine results pages), almost no user clicks on anything. That’s because most search engine users believe websites ranking high are more reliable and authoritative. Since organic search traffic accounts for over half of all the traffic to your website, overlooking or minimizing efforts to improve your rank (termed SEO) are a huge mistake as no other source brings so many opportunities to your website. Thus, enhancing your organic search presence boosts your website’s visibility and the possibility of a higher return on investment.

Discussed below are five tips for improving organic presence in search.

SEO and organic presence

As I mentioned earlier SEO or search engine optimization, involves a series of tactic designed to improve your rank in results pages for content related to a user’s query. Let’s first look at how search engines rank content to see how you can create strategies and workflows that improve your rank. Recognize that the rank assigned to your content won’t change overnight. In fact, expect changes to take a least six months before you see any appreciable change in the amount of traffic coming to your site from search engines.

  1. A new piece of content is detected by search engine spiders that crawl the internet looking for such changes
  2. The content is scored based on a complex algorithm (Google’s algorithm contains around 200 factors). The algorithm contains factors and a weight assigned to the factor. Thus, some factors are more impactful than others when it comes to your rank.
  3. Scored content is placed in a massive database categorized by keywords (actually keyword phrases) and rankings.
  4. A user enters a query into a search engine.
  5. The search engine seeks user intent based on the words contained in the query. Search engines look for four types of intent:
    1. Informational, such as when is XYZ program starting a new search
    2. Navigational, such as Banking login
    3. Commercial, such as the best XYZ product
    4. Transactional, such as buying XYZ product
  6. After scoring the database for content using a keyword in the query and matching user intent, the search engine delivers a ranked list of options that address the user’s query

Now that you understand how search engines determine which content to show on the first page (and first position) in the search results, let’s move on to how you can use this information to support your business goals.seo

Improving organic presence

1.   Conduct organic share of voice analysis

When investing in organic search, you must determine your organic share of voice. Measuring your market share enables you to discover vital insights like:

  • The amount of space your brand’s content has gained on the first page of SERPs in contrast to your competitors
  • Backlinking chance from news outlets and publishers who rank highly for a topic
  • New SEO competitors for your brand’s keywords

Measuring your organic search presence manually is time-consuming, mainly when covering many keywords for your website. However, investing in a share of voice measuring tool enables you to view your site’s SEO search presence easily, saving time. Using the results from your organic search presence analysis, you can identify the necessary E-commerce SEO improvements you can leverage to boost your organic share of voice.

1.   Create authentic, valuable content

Creating informative and engaging content relevant to your target audience is key to improving your organic search presence. To determine what your audience wants, conduct comprehensive keyword research and incorporate the keywords you find naturally into your content. To enhance your site’s visibility on SERPs and attract organic traffic over time, produce valuable content consistently. Most content that achieves a high rank is over 2000 words, contains relevant images, and contains outbound links to high-authority websites. Ensure your content is well-optimized for search engines by also incorporating the following:

  • Relevant keywords, use your keywords organically within your content about once every 250 words
  • Header tags, image tags, meta descriptions, and titles that contain your keywords
  • Research your content to provide value to readers
  • Content should be non-promotional, for the most part

Publishing keyword-rich and well-structured content improves your chances of ranking high in SERPs, improving your organic search presence.

2.   Build backlinks

Backlinks are a powerful way to establish a robust organic presence, improve rankings on SERPs, and drive organic traffic to your site. They’re crucial for SEO as search engines like Google consider them a vote of confidence in the value and authority of your content. The following techniques can help you find top-quality sites for your backlinks:

  • Identify authority sites in your niche: This will help you build valuable connections and boost your backlink strategy. With tools like Semrush, you can find authoritative sites for your backlink strategy
  • Analyze competitor backlinks: Analyzing backlinks that drive traffic to competitor websites enables you to spot opportunities to earn such backlinks for your website
  • Look at competitors’ strategies to get backlinks: This will help you establish your backlink acquisition strategy to improve your organic search presence and rankings. Among the strategies that work are:
    • Guest posting on high-authority websites
    • Build valuable content such as infographics, guides, and images that other websites will want to use
    • Claim unlinked mentions, as websites may use your brand name without providing a link. An email suggesting this addition can result in a new backlink.
    • Mention other brands. In a tit-for-tat environment, this encourages others to link to your content or to tout your endorsement in their own content

3.   Optimize your website for mobile search

The fact that over 50% of web traffic comes from mobile proves that optimizing your site for mobile search can’t be underrated. Failure to optimize your website for mobile devices increases the risk of losing your organic search presence and web traffic. To ensure your site is optimized for mobile and improves your share of voice, consider:

  • Using a responsive web design
  • Simplifying navigation
  • Compressing images
  • Lowering loading time
  • Avoiding intrusive ads and pop-ups

social media analytics4. Social media engagement

Engagement on social media is another form of endorsement from your community that search engines use to support your rank. While it’s harder than ever to get engagement in social media as platforms seek revenue from paid ads, you can still get significant engagement on TikTok and YouTube. The trick is to be consistent (once a day on TikTok and at least once a week for longer YouTube videos) and post content that will inspire comments, shares, and likes. Sometimes controversy is the tool used to gain engagement while at other times it’s using a different rhetorical device to get users to engage with you. Paid social media is an inexpensive and effective tool to gain engagement.

Remember that follower counts don’t directly impact your search engine rank; the more followers you have, the more potential you have for engagement. Thus, I recommend always focusing on building engagement and letting follower counts take care of themselves as engagement spreads your message through the ecosystem.


Organic search presence reflects your business’s dominance on SERPs for all relevant keyword searches. Use these tips to improve your organic search presence and help your business reach its goals.

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