The 6 Key Skills to Look for in a Mobile App Developer

It seems like every business these days wants a mobile app. And, there’s a good rationale behind this, as mobile apps offer a less distracting environment where businesses can use features such as push notifications and geotargeting. According to Adobe, the top benefits to your business from developing a mobile app are:

  • You build a stronger brand in the eyes of those who use your app
  • An app helps you develop a stronger connection to your customers. Because apps allow you to send notifications (with user approval), you can send out notifications about accounts and shipments, upcoming sales, or other information that keeps your business top of mind with customers so you capture a bigger share of wallet among them, which increases your sales and profits.
  • Improved engagement and interactions between the company and its customers are possible with an app in a way that isn’t possible on the company’s website.
  • When users have access to a mobile app, you improve communication with customers. This allows you to quickly address any complaints that might arise, which is a key element in reducing the impact of failures on future sales.
a mobile app download
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As you can see from the image above, the number of apps downloaded continues to rise. So, should you develop a mobile app for your business? That’s something to consider and you can read on to learn if creating one is right for you.

Should you build a mobile app?

If you like data, here are some of the numbers that support building an app according to Adobe:

  • Users spend 7X more time on a mobile app versus a mobile browser (website)
  • Brands can personalize their offers better by gauging how a user interacts with their app. Since 2/3 of users expect brands to understand their needs and 52% expect a company’s offer to suit their needs, this personalization results in more sales and higher revenue.
  • 85% of users, especially those between 18 and 34, prefer to shop via an app versus a website

But building a mobile app isn’t all sunshine and roses. There are downsides to building one, hence, building an app isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes time, money, and skill to develop an app. When I worked as the CMO for a tech startup, we spent nearly a year before we even coded the first line of the app. We would develop a proposed design and functionality, test it with prospective users, and revise it over and over until we got it right. It’s a lot less expensive to develop an app this way than to jump right in to develop an MVP (minimum viable product).

Once you have a prototype laid out, it’s time to actually code the app, which is our next topic. Finally, you must market your app.

Success in mobile app marketing

The key to success in the ever-changing field of mobile app development is selecting a developer with a wide range of skills. Finding the right candidate is more than just looking for someone who can code.

It requires careful consideration of a particular set of abilities that go beyond the most fundamental components of development.

We will go over and explain the six essential abilities in detail in the blog article that follows, which you should carefully consider before hiring an app developer. The next sections go through these skills one at a time so you gain insights into the wide skill set needed to successfully go through the constant evolution of mobile app development through this thorough investigation.

UX design tipsProficiency in programming languages

The key to a mobile app developer’s competence is their command of programming languages. It is essential to have a strong foundation in these languages, whether it be Kotlin or Java for Android or Swift for iOS. According to, developers can build optimized and efficient code by having a solid understanding of these languages.

With this knowledge, the developer can handle each aspect of development and testing for every platform and adjust the app’s performance accordingly. You can hire an experienced developer to provide quality Android application development services, resulting in effective and responsive apps that produce the user experience demanded by today’s app users.

Understanding of cross-platform development tools

The need for apps that work across platforms is increasing, so knowing multiple platform development tools is crucial for developers. Developers can create apps that function perfectly on a variety of operating systems with the help of technologies like Xamarin, React Native, and Flutter. This guarantees a consistent user experience while also saving time and money. Reaching a larger audience with a single codebase is made possible for developers who are competent with these tools.

We recommend that you visit Cloud Employee to assist you in your search for the right people if you’re looking for thorough information on efficiently locating, hiring, and managing top technical talent.

Strong UI/UX skills

Strong UI/UX (User Interface/ User Experience) skills are characteristic of a skilled mobile developer who can create user interfaces that are both visually pleasing and straightforward. Their skill lies in the perfect integration of design elements, guaranteeing an ideal and compelling user experience. This involves creating attractive layouts in addition to taking the user’s journey through the app into account to provide smooth and user-friendly interactions.

As you can see in the image below, Forrester Research shows the value of catering to a superior customer experience.

why ui is important
Image courtesy of Rice University

The ability to create and implement attractive designs is a must for any skilled mobile app developer. This requires creating user interfaces that are easy to navigate and logically organized

Knowledge of APIs

Being able to combine different services and information is essential in the social network of mobile apps. An application developer who has expertise in application programming interfaces (APIs) can easily integrate the app with different features across a variety of channels.

This ability guarantees that the app may access data, make use of third-party services, and give consumers a more exciting and comprehensive experience.

Problem-solving skills

The creation of mobile apps is not without its difficulties, and a developer’s capacity for troubleshooting and effective problem-solving is crucial.

For the development process to run smoothly and for the final product to demonstrate excellent quality, problem-solving abilities are crucial, from debugging code to fixing compatibility problems. Based on, debugging and problem-solving take up 75 percent of a developer’s work while developing a mobile app.

These are considered the most in-demand fundamental skills for app development that enable developers to find and fix bugs, further guaranteeing seamless app operation. A developer who can solve problems with reason and creativity makes a big difference in the project’s success as a whole.

Understanding the app lifecycle:

Producing a complete product requires a comprehensive understanding of the app development lifecycle. A competent developer is familiar with every step of the process, from the first design stage through development, testing, and activation.

This information guarantees that every phase is completed without any issues, producing a solid and organized mobile application.

Marketing your app

As you can see in the graphic below, it’s not enough to build an app, you must encourage users to not only download your app but to use it. And, there’s a lot of competition for that.

usage of mobile apps
Image courtesy of LinkedIn

You market your app in the same way you market any other product. Simply adding it to the Google Play or iTunes marketplace isn’t enough. That’s because the app stores are full of products and gaining traction against your competition is hard. If you want to learn more about how to market your app, here’s a great post.


Looking for a mobile app developer should include more than just checking off programming languages on a list. The six essential abilities listed above offer a thorough guide to selecting a developer.

Who is not only a skilled programmer but also has the broad skill set required to handle the challenges of developing mobile apps.

To be sure your selected developer can fulfill the unique requirements of your project and contribute to its overall success, keep these talents in mind.

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