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We Make Your Marketing SIZZLE

Maybe you’ve always wondered if social media marketing will help your business.

Maybe you’ve tried other agencies and found your results disappointing.

Maybe you’re doing social media marketing in house and the job’s gotten bigger or you’re not seeing good results.

social media consulting

Let us make your marketing SIZZLE

Hausman and Associates is a virtual agency operating at the intersection of marketing and social media. As a virtual agency, I’m able to accommodate a wide variety of needs and we’re very scalable for big or small social media consulting and implementation.

My in-house staff handles small social media consulting projects, while larger, more complex projects are handled through relationships with leaders in their own industry, such as web design, video, advanced SEO, advertising, and trade shows. Regardless of who performs the job, every social media consulting project is strategic, coordinated, and developed using state of the art metrics and tweaked based on performance. Previous clients include ITT, USO, Cincomm, Xavier, and a variety of other firms.

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As to my background, you’ll not find another social media consultant who knows more about marketing and consumer behavior than I do. I have a PhD in marketing and an MBA in marketing from the University of Pittsburgh. I’ve been working in inbound and online marketing for over 20 years, with extensive academic and professional experience in social media and its predecessor, online community. I personally oversee every project and am intimately involved in strategic development, testing, and analytics to optimize every clients’ ROI. We’re not a one-size fits all shop and everything is customized from beginning to end.

Your posts helps me a lot to catch up current online trend and see perspectives from the academics. — Juyoung, Samsung Electronics

You have a very impressive background and are an excellent writer. You are a true credit to the marketing profession in an era where education and experience seem to be taken for granted. — Jeff Sheehan, CEO Sheehan Media


Hausman & Associates is a Full-Service firm operating at the intersection of marketing and social media consulting.

We specialize in social media marketing strategies and marketing research.  Examples of completed projects include:

  • Social media planning and strategy
  • Product Feasibility
  • Branding in Social Media
  • Listening and Monitoring Social Media
  • Training employees to maximize social media
  • Customer Engagement
  • Product Ideation
  • Customer Contact Audit/ Standards Development
  • Marketing Metrics Development and Monitoring

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Coordinated social media campaigns require strong graphic design and technical expertise.  We bring this expertise through our partnership with Ideas and Pixels.

Matt consistently displayed dedication and professionalism, as well as ownership of the work. Matt seeks feedback throughout the design process, and is genuinely interested in improving the creative product- Kristine ShueySenior Interaction Designer, Possible Worldwide

… efficient with [their] time and deliverable, and often over-delivered the task – Jen MartinClient Partnership Manager, Possible Worldwide

Over the last 20 years, we’ve successfully worked with a number of Fortune 500 organizations, mid-sized businesses, and non-profits.  Recent clients include:

  • Cincomm
  • USO
  • Alexandria Symphony
  • AT&T
  •  3B Realty Group
  • Alumina Railing
  • CincyDance!
  • Around the Clock Answering Service
  • Orgatex
  • Dr Gingrich Ministries
  • Possible Worldwide Contracts
    • Bounty and Puff
    • Similac
    • Chef Boyardee
    • Fixodent
    • Pepto Bismol
    • Timberland
    • PediaSure
    • Danimals
    • DOW Corning
    • Ready Set Eat
    • Brita
    • Downtown Cincinnati Inc.
    • Orville
    • Marie Callender’s
    • Reddi Wip
    • ConAgra Foods
    • Febreze
    • Metamucil
    • Hunt’s
    • Fifth Third Bank
    • Pearle Vision
    • US Bank
    • Folgers
    • And more upon request.
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