Showcase Your Eco-Friendly Business With These Tactics

As a business, the more you can do to be environmentally conscious, the more attractive you seem to the growing global segment of the population that shops based on shared values. Running an eco-friendly business and then showcasing your contributions to sustainable business growth, you build a strong reputation as a responsible corporation.

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With that in mind, there are a number of ways you can showcase your business as a good corporate partner and ensure it’s more eco-conscious moving into the future.

How to showcase your efforts as an eco-friendly business

Work with other like-minded businesses

It’s important to work with other like-minded businesses that care about the environment. Working with companies that are respectful of the environment will only reflect positively on those who choose to buy from you or use your services, especially when it comes to suppliers and distributors. It’s hard for consumers to see you as an eco-friendly business when you work with other companies that aren’t so respectful of the environment. For instance, dairies are working with farmers to reduce the greenhouse gases produced by cattle by helping them experiment with different types of feed that produce fewer gases. You could work with a logistics company using more fuel-efficient trucks or using one of the newer wind-supported ships to move products across the ocean.

When new customers or prospects want to consider a new source to satisfy their needs, this switch in your vendors might be enough to sway them toward your products. Whether it’s your packaging supplier or the social media agency you use, look for ones that adhere to your strict guidelines for being an eco-friendly business.

Working with like-minded businesses that also care about the environment is paramount to your company’s reputation in a climate-conscious future.

Look for ways to limit production and manufacturing

To help ensure you are not overproducing and, therefore, increasing your carbon footprint, you should look for ways to limit your production and manufacturing to ensure you only make enough to satisfy demand (and maybe a little more for safety’s sake). This is an excellent way to focus your attention on areas in the business where wastage is often found.

If you’re overproducing your stock, you’re likely contributing more to the environment in terms of carbon emissions, as well as wasting money on storage. Reducing your production and manufacturing line will make a considerable difference to your carbon footprint.

JIT (just in time) manufacturing principles aren’t new. And they can save you a lot of money while reducing your carbon footprint. Using JIT, you plan purchases of raw materials and subassemblies so they are only delivered near the time when you need to add them to the production process rather than ordering large quantities that sit in a warehouse until needed. With modern tactics, you can use AI to ensure you don’t run out of materials required and negotiate contracts with suppliers to take advantage of quantity discounts on a yearly versus an individual order basis.

Train your staff to be eco-efficient in the workplace

When it comes to influencing others, your staff should be some of the individuals you encourage to be better when it comes to eco-efficiency in the workplace. There are plenty of ways in which they can do this. Some of these include the following:

  • Switching desktop computers off instead of on standby
  • Don’t print anything that doesn’t need to be printed. Meeting agendas can be more easily shared using a cloud solution than disseminated during the meeting.
  • Putting trash into the correct bins when recycling
  • Switching off lights as they leave a room. You can even install devices that detect movement in a room so the lights go off when no one is using the room.
  • Reduce cooling temps and don’t overheat rooms beyond comfort levels. Encourage your staff to dress appropriately for the temperature rather than using costly HVAC systems to make everyone comfortable. We’ve all had the experience of being in an overheated room in the winter wearing the sweater you needed for the outside or freezing in the AC during a hot summer day in the office.
  • Only purchase recyclable elements such as plates and cutlery for the kitchen—compostable elements such as rice packaging for leftovers in a restaurant are more eco-friendly.
  • Compost organic waste or, if suitable, donate leftover food to a food pantry.
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The more you can do to encourage your staff to be eco-efficient, the better. You could even reward those who make a concerted effort to be environmentally conscious.

Recycle everything and anything properly

When you’re recycling as a business, it’s important to recycle everything and anything that can be recycled. You’d be surprised what you can recycle. Consider the following:

  • Any type of paper and most plastics. You must remove staples and similar elements first.
  • Ink cartridges
  • Computers and printers
  • Most metals used as part of your business
  • Glass. For instance, I worked with a stained glass manufacturer that kept all their glass scraps to remelt and use in new items.
  • Some forms of industrial equipment can be refurbished to give it a new life.

That might mean looking at a local scrap yard for recycling all of your metal waste. Some services can recycle furniture and other business belongings that you might not know how to recycle.

The less you can throw in the trash, the better for the environment in the long term.

Switch to greener energy suppliers

With your energy suppliers, it’s a good idea to try and switch to greener ones where you can. Going to a green company or one that operates a more sustainable company or uses renewable energy is the way to go this year and beyond.


With these tips, you can bring your business into the spotlight in a positive way when it comes to eco-efficiency.

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