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SEO ranking factors

SEO or search engine optimization is the key to getting your business found online. But, running a successful SEO program requires knowledge, constant learning as search algorithms morph over time, skills in website architecture, and constant efforts. The average SEO program takes a minimum of 4 months (and more for very competitive keywords) before you start seeing results, so you must put in a lot of time and effort before you see any change in your search performance. Yet, many businesses don’t have the knowledge and resources to run SEO in-house even though they recognize the importance of a sound SEO strategy for achieving their goals both online and off. Hiring SEO resellers to help with this critical digital strategy offers the opportunity to boost the performance of your digital marketing strategies.

SEO resellers

SEO ranking factors

Check out the image above containing the SEO ranking factors to see the vast array of different factors impacting your rank in search. Now, forget what you saw because Google (which is the big kahuna in search so other search engines use similar algorithms) changes the ranking factors included in their search algorithm almost daily (with major changes happening every year or so) and the weight assigned to each of these factors, since they don’t carry equal weight. For instance, producing valuable content on a consistent basis is (and likely will always be) one of the more impactful factors on your performance in search.

OK, so don’t ignore the chart completely, as many of these factors still impact your performance on search but newer factors, such as speed, gain influence on SEO all the time. That’s why it takes an expert, like SEO resellers or agencies specializing in SEO, such as Moz and SEMRush, to help guide you on your journey toward success through improved SEO.

SEO resellers

You could spend time adjusting your marketing plan and training staff members until you finally believe you have your SEO services right only to see the next major SEO update negate all your work. This was especially true back in the dark ages (a few years ago) when you could “trick” the search algorithm into showing your content in a prime position. For instance, prior to the Panda algorithm change, Google loves animal names for its major algorithm updates as you can see from the next update called Penguin, firms used a strategy called keyword stuffing where they created nonsensical content full of their keyword while ignoring the value users desired from their content.

Most businesses don’t have the great luxury of time in the modern-day to research current SEO best practices and keep up with changes to search algorithms. Thanks to the competition represented by a global internet, businesses must move at a rapid pace and capitalize on current SEO trends to succeed whether that’s online or in their offline operations where visits are often driven by their digital marketing strategy.

Every day you waste in optimizing your search ranking, costs you more revenue as you could generate more clients from an optimized strategy and move beyond the competition. Using SEO resellers is the preferred choice for many because businesses because they benefit from successful SEO services that make their clients happy from day one.

What are SEO resellers?

SEO resellers are third-party vendors operating between the client and an SEO agency. Here’s more detail on how that relationship works.

An SEO reseller program involves two parties: an SEO reseller and an SEO agency providing SEO services. In this relationship, the SEO reseller attracts new clients interested in digital marketing and SEO services like link building or technical SEO. The SEO reseller contracts with the white label SEO agency, usually paying a wholesale rate for SEO services, and the SEO agency provides SEO services to increase the search rankings, visibility, and traffic of those end clients.

This offers a win-win-win situation where SEO resellers act as agents to find customers for the agency, while clients get the services of a top-notch SEO agency. SEO resellers allow you to use the SEO services of an agency while allowing agencies the opportunity to reach more clients.

Offering services without using the agency’s brand name is called a ‘white label approach’. While this distinction isn’t important for the client, who gets great SEO services, it offers opportunities for SEO resellers to provide SEO services to their clients without the cost and time necessary to build in-house SEO talent. Thus, if you offer digital marketing services, such as digital advertising, you might become an SEO reseller to expand your offerings, and billings, to existing clients. Offering a comprehensive digital marketing strategy might even make you more attractive and ease efforts to attract new clients, which enhances your brand image and reputation dramatically. You are seen to offer a much more comprehensive range of services and so you become a bigger player in the industry. This is especially the case if you offer other marketing services, like billboards from Allvision Billboards or social media marketing in addition to other digital marketing offerings.

Benefits to becoming an SEO reseller

SEO is no longer a hidden secret. Most businesses have heard of it and so when they look for web designers and other digital marketing agencies they prefer hiring agencies that can provide them with SEO in addition to other digital marketing tactics, as mentioned above. Hiring a comprehensive agency translates to better coordination across your many digital marketing efforts, which generates higher returns at a lower cost.

As an agency, this means you can attract more clients. You may not have the resources or the experience to provide SEO directly and attempting to offer SEO services without this expertise puts you at a serious disadvantage and may cost you clients when they find your SEO services don’t generate results. However, by becoming an SEO reseller you can compete with larger agencies offering in-house SEO, attracting new clients who view your business as a one-stop-shop for all their digital marketing needs. Offering high-quality SEO services that generate returns, even through a relationship with an agency specializing in SEO, does a great deal to improve your image and reputation.

Alternatively, developing an in-house SEO arm requires you to use your own capital and time to provide your clients with the SEO quality they desire. Developing an in-house competency in SEO includes paying for new staff or training for current employees. It also means that some of your employees focus on SEO strategies rather than other digital marketing functions in your business. As you work toward building a base of clients interested in SEO services, you may find this strategy wasteful as you don’t fully employ the talents of your SEO staff.

And don’t forget, with SEO services in tow you gain more clients, so ignoring SEO strategy as part of your service offerings doesn’t make much sense. The more clients you have, the bigger and better your brand image becomes – and the more money you make!


Using SEO resellers to offer SEO services to your clients makes you a more comprehensive option for businesses hiring a digital marketing agency, without the expense and other resources needed to develop that competency in-house. Through white labeling, it’s invisible to clients that the SEO services performed aren’t provided by your own employees. If you offer digital marketing services, consider becoming an SEO reseller to enhance your business.

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