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Measuring the ROI of Social Media

If you’re not measuring the ROI of your social media campaigns (and digital marketing in general) using the right tools and metrics, you’re likely wasting your time and money. With the many recent updates to Google Analytics, enhanced metrics available on social media platforms, and chan...
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metrics guide success

Market Research: Know Your Customer

Almost everything you read about marketing and social media advises you to “know your customer” — or prospective customer.  And, that’s sound advice.  But, how many of you REALLY take the time to get to know your customer?  Don’t lie …. Be honest with yourself....
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improve data accuracy

13 Ways to Improve Data Accuracy

Do you need to improve data accuracy to ensure you make the right decisions? Here are 13 ways to improve data accuracy for better insights. Regardless of your industry, operations or location, it’s critical to pay close attention to both the quality and accuracy of your business data since insight...
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