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What is the Value of Digital Marketing?

Recently, I’ve had a number of folks asking this question: What is the value of digital marketing? Obviously, as a digital marketing agency, my answer is YES, but I appreciate the question. Businesses should ask questions like this and if the folks they entrust with their marketing can&#821...
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organizing digital marketing

3 Tips for Organizing Digital Marketing

It’s easy to find yourself falling behind — failing to achieve as much as you expected each day. Plus, digital marketing is getting harder and more time-consuming. Organizing digital marketing is the key to getting everything done without driving yourself crazy or working until 3 am ever...
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digital analytics

14 Must-Have Metrics for Digital Marketing

I ran across this list of the 14 must-have metrics for digital marketing in researching a recent post, so I thought I’d share it with you. The infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines breaks down metrics into traffic building metrics, conversion metrics, and revenue metrics. Today, we&#8...
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