Leverage Video Marketing for Success: Corporate Video

In today’s era, corporate video production has emerged as an essential tool for businesses to convey their message effectively and connect with their audience. Whether it’s a clip on social media, a training session recording for your staff, or an explainer video shared on YouTube, visual content is superior when you want to captivate viewers and deliver information in a timely manner. If you’ve not incorporated video as a major part of your content marketing strategy or you need a little help excel in video production. we’ve got you covered. This article explores some of these strategies, offering insights into how companies can create and leverage video marketing to accomplish their objectives.

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Why you should leverage video marketing

As you can see in the image above, marketers agree that video marketing helps them reach their goals, such as generating leads, achieving higher-than-average conversion rates, and improving ROI. Of course, video marketing helps businesses reach internal customers when they produce training videos that help employees conform to government and industry standards or videos that help them work safely. Training videos also help employees understand their roles and how to perform tasks more efficiently, which reduces stress from role confusion.

Other forms of video are aimed at existing customers. For instance, explainer videos help customers get the most out of the products they purchase. This reduces dissatisfaction and negative word of mouth that can seriously cripple your marketing efforts.

Video as part of your content marketing strategy

How much you rely on video marketing as part of your content marketing strategy depends on a number of factors. First, who is your target market? If you target younger consumers, video marketing may form your fundamental strategy to attract new customers and serve existing ones. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other platforms featuring short videos are very popular among younger consumers, while YouTube features a broader demographic base.

As you likely know, if you read these pages frequently (and if you don’t, you should subscribe to our weekly email recap), creating valuable content on a consistent basis is important if you want your business to thrive. Producing a variety of content makes your content more entertaining and keeps your audience more engaged. Video is a great addition to your weekly content calendar.

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What you need to leverage video marketing

It’s surprisingly easy to leverage video marketing, although it’s more time-consuming than most other content marketing tactics. Hence, you might create a schedule that allows you to post one long video per week while cutting it up to form several short videos for Instagram Reels or TikTok.

You’ll need the following tools to help you leverage video marketing:

  • A video camera, although videos for TikTok and Reels are just fine using the camera on your smartphone.
  • Video editing software and a little patience until you learn how to use it properly. While Adobe Premier Pro offers all the bells and whistles you need for professional editing, it’s expensive and has a steep learning curve. Adobe Express is free (or offers a paid version for a few dollars a month). It doesn’t have as much flexibility but it’s easier to learn. While you won’t end up with a theater-quality product, it does produce something that shows your brand in a favorable light with a little practice. Express and Canva also offer video clips and music you can add to make video creation easier. TikTok offers its own editing within the app, as well as filters and other tools that really create something that appeals to a younger audience.
  • Some lighting removes the shadows and shows objects in a favorable light.
  • You will need a microphone if you plan to record a voiceover, although the internal mic on your computer may work well enough.

But more important than having the right tools is effective video planning. That’s where hiring a professional company to manage corporate video production can really make your videos shine. So, let’s continue our discussion with the notion of corporate video production rather than the kind of videos you might use as an influencer.

Planning your video marketing

Know your target audience

The initial step towards corporate video production involves understanding your target audience. Who are they? What matters to them? What are their interests and concerns?

Researching answers to these questions helps you customize your videos to resonate with your intended audience. This entails crafting content that aligns with their values, addresses their needs or aspirations, and presents information in a manner that connects with them.

Crafting a narrative

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A captivating storyline, at its core, anchors every effective corporate video. Irrespective of the genre of the video being produced – be it story-driven or more informative in nature – developing a crafted narrative is essential to hold viewers’ attention throughout the viewing experience.

A compelling story should have beginning, middle, and end parts that seamlessly connect. It should also set goals to ensure the message stays focused and impactful.

Investing in high-quality production

Investing in top-notch production is key to making an impact with your company’s videos. While you can create content with smartphones or basic gear, it’s advisable to invest in equipment and skilled videographers.

High-quality visuals are vital for conveying your message and grabbing your audience’s attention. Professional videography, with image quality, fluid camera movements, and appealing shots, can enhance the overall quality of your corporate videos.

Keeping it concise and engaging

In today’s era, where attention spans are shorter than ever, keeping viewers engaged is a significant challenge. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your videos brief while offering value.

Avoid explanations or excessive technical terms. Instead, focus on delivering captivating content that efficiently communicates the message without losing interest. You can increase the appeal of your videos by using storytelling techniques such as animations, music, and creative editing styles.

Optimizing for different platforms

Optimizing for platforms is crucial in today’s media-driven world. Different platforms have preferences for video format, length, and style that you need to consider.

For instance, a brief teaser video might do well on various social media platforms, like TikTok and Instagram reels, whereas short-form content does well on your website. In contrast, a detailed tutorial is better suited for professional platforms or video platforms with increased demand for long-form video, like YouTube. Tailoring your videos to fit each platform’s requirements helps you expand your reach and effectiveness.

Data-driven analysis and improvement

Analyzing data and making data-driven improvements are advantages of marketing through digital video platforms. By tracking metrics like engagement, drop-off rates in videos, and click-through rates in content, you gain insights into how your videos perform. Tracking video performance via Google Analytics means you not only have access to video metrics but can trace clicks to see which videos on which platforms generate leads and result in sales.

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Carefully examining this data allows you to pinpoint areas for enhancement in video creations. This continual process empowers you to refine and optimize your video content for better outcomes over time. Additionally, leveraging analytics tools can help identify trends and patterns in viewer behavior, enabling the creation of more targeted and relevant content. This strategic approach can lead to higher viewer satisfaction and increased loyalty, further amplifying your video marketing success.


In today’s era, people’s attention spans have gotten shorter, so it’s crucial to keep your business videos short and interesting. Avoid explanations or much technical language. Focus on creating captivating content that gets the message across effectively without losing the viewer’s interest. Use storytelling methods, like animations, music, and dynamic editing, to make your videos more engaging.


In today’s business environment, crafted corporate videos have become invaluable tools that companies can use to convey their message effectively. By understanding your target audience, crafting a narrative with goals of investing in top-notch production quality, keeping videos concise and engaging, tailoring them for various platforms, and utilizing data-driven analysis for ongoing enhancement, businesses can excel in their corporate video creation pursuits.

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