How To Optimize Your Content Using Surfer SEO

optimize your content

optimize your contentSeveral years ago, Google and other search engines dramatically changed their search algorithms to provide users with great experiences. Thus, search engines do their best to interpret search intent and prioritize SERPs (search engine results pages) with the best content first. These algorithms require you to optimize your content to drive traffic to your site.

Having content on a website that supports your SEO is extremely important, which means providing valuable content consistently. You want your website to be pulled up in the search engines in the top spots and not on several pages after that since studies show that most clicks come to those links in the top 3 places.

Showing up in these top spots on search engines will guarantee much more traffic to your website. For many people, having the right SEO is a bit difficult, with sometimes conflicting advice and a bunch of different options to optimize your content. Moreover, there are both on-page and off-page optimization. Commonly, you need both types of optimization to maximize your content thoroughly.

To ease the learning curve for users, especially those who haven’t learned the tools to optimize content incrementally as the algorithm’s changed, there are lots of tools to optimize your content.  Each tool has significant differences and user interfaces, so you need time to learn and become proficient with whatever tool you choose.

While we don’t have time today to go over all the available tools, we’ve chosen to focus on a single SEO tool that will help you with all your content optimization needs. Today, we’ll demonstrate Surfer SEO*.

Optimize your content with on-page SEO

Optimizing your on-page SEO relies on several factors:

  • Keywords — choosing  keywords that match user intent on search, and optimizing where and how frequently the keyword appears in your content
  • Images — having at least 1 image with an alt tag that matches your keyword
  • Links — content should have links to authoritative sites as well as an internal link to your own site.
  • Word count — there’s a link between word count and SERPs. A minimum of 900 words is a good rule of thumb but, often, content showing up at the top of SERPs contain more than double that minimum.
  • Snackable content — this is not only good for SERPs, but it also helps get visitors to read more of your content. That means using lists. Within Google, content with lists is more likely to end up as the featured snippet, which shows at the top of SERPs.

What does Surfer SEO do?

on-page optimizationSurfer SEO provides a data-driven analysis of your content. It’s a tool you use to ensure you’re doing the best on-page optimization possible and offers suggestions to improve your content to encourage more traffic to your site.

Using Surer SEO, you see just what changes you can make to get the attention you need to make your online business successful. The software lets you see how your keywords and phrases (because, especially in voice search, keywords are long-tail and getting closer to natural speech) used ranked in top pages. This information is very beneficial because it gives you a better handle on placing keywords that work for your particular business and target market.

You want to know just how much you can benefit from using Surfer SEO, and you will in this review.  Here are just some of the ways that you can optimize your content when using Surfer SEO:

  1.  Cloud-based tool – you’ll find that it is easy to use.  It takes all the manual guessing of tracking how the keywords and phrases you are using are affecting your page rankings, and it is essential. All of this information is taken into account so that you will be able to utilize the tool to get the best results.
  2.  Takes Into account variances across content – with Surfer SEO, you can see clearly how the keywords and phrases rank even on pages that have a lot of images. This understanding is because it takes into account these variances and lets you know what is happening. It takes out a lot of guesswork and allows you to move forward in a much more productive way.
  3.  Analyzer overview – the Surfer SEO analyzer overview pinpoints keywords and phrases that you should use to improve your content. Since this is immensely beneficial, you can access it easily and see results quickly.
  4.  Helps with structure – you’ll find that the Surfer SEO tool helps you with the construction of your content also. You don’t need to guess whether or not a structure will work because you can see how the top pages of content look so that yours will work better too.
  5.  Backlinks – understanding how many backlinks top-performing sites have is another way that you can improve your website. You may need to add more or remove some of your backlinks to help your site reach its ultimate performance.
  6.  Quality – Surfer SEO is also adept at helping you find out whether your quality is up to par on your site. Understanding quality helps immensely with data that is structured. If you find other useful websites that have a particular structure, you may want to update yours so that it competes with this site better online.
  7.  Graphs – graphs are available, offering a fantastic way for you to know just what improvements you need to make to your website and content. Charts provide an overview, so you’re able to plan for the work you have ahead of yourself.  The graphs will let you compare your site to others so that you can change the things that you need to at any given time.
  8.  Auditing – using the auditing tool provides valuable information when you want to see a dramatic increase in traffic to your site. This way, you can promote your business products and services more reliably.
  9.  Editing – the editing option is another excellent way to get your content up to par. Editing allows you to type as you go and make the necessary improvements for your SEO by using proper keywords and phrases  With a tool like this to help, there’s no more guessing about what to do.
  10.  Posting – using the Surfer SEO tool allows you to post in various ways. You can use different approaches to determine whether or not you want to keep posts as written or save them for later.

Pricing for the Surfer SEO tool

People love the available plans for the Surfer SEO tool. There’s a free option, with many limitations, while other plans start as low as $29 a month if you want more features  Some plans offer free 7-day trials so you can try the tool out to see if it works for you.

Does the Surfer SEO tool work?

screen shot of surfer SEO

The Surfer SEO tool works well.

People all over the world search for the products and services they need, and they want to find them quickly. Using on-page SEO ensures your content shows up first on related searches.

Users of Surfer SEO find massive success with it, and you might, too.  Since it’s necessary for websites to create valuable content consistently and produce content optimized for SEO, this tool produces results for on-page optimization that are in high demand.

The Surfer SEO tool allows your site to rank highly, and this way, people will know what you have to offer them. It is excellent for increasing traffic and ultimately allowing for much more profits overall.

Most people enjoy the advantages they find with the Surfer SEO tool. They see significant improvements in their ability to optimize their website content. With many great reviews, including this review, it is becoming more and more popular with dealing with keywords and phrases to get the best online presence possible. You may want to give it a try also.

*Please note: this is an independent review submitted to Market Maven and does not reflect an endorsement of the product.

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