How to Launch a Tech Product

launch a tech product
launch a tech product
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You have an idea for a new product that you believe your clients will love. The question is, how do you get that product from the design stage to being ready to sell? If you are struggling to decide how you can not only create a fantastic product that will appeal to your target market but ensure that it sells well too, read on for some top tips on how to launch a tech product.

How do you create your product?

Product Design:

There will be no interest in your product launch if your product is not of the highest quality and design, or if its features are not instantly appealing to the audience you’re trying to target. People buy solutions to problems, not products, so keep that in mind as you design your product.

Therefore, when you decide how to get your product off the page, the first thing to consider is the best system to use to create and construct your new product or feature. For tech companies, consider how to design a product that implements the latest innovations in technology, and that will make your user’s lives easier it is these features that you will then draw out when advertising your product.

To do this, use product design software that you can install onto your computer; one that aids in creating complex designs with pre-created layouts. For instance, if you want to design your own PCB through a low-cost professional PCB design tool, Circuit Studio by Altium helps make the process run more smoothly between designers and manufacturers due to its easy-to-use interface.


Design your product and create prototypes you agree with. At this stage, you will need to manufacture them in a high-quality environment. There are many online resources out there to help you find the perfect factory to manufacture your product and find a factory that matches the industry and market that you’re designing for. Look for a factory and consider not only their reputation but their technical expertise to check if they will develop your product to your high standards.

Many firms specialize in manufacturing products with a short contract. Commonly termed turn-key operations, they exist to help brands test out their new ideas in the marketplace before going through the expense and trouble of building their own manufacturing operations.

How do you brand your product?

When you can launch a tech product, you must have a serious conversation about branding. Will you use a family brand where all your products share a brand name, like Apple (or focus on building one)? Or, will products have unique brand names under the umbrella of your company, such as P&G? There are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Not only should the product have definable features that are unique to your company, but ensure that this product is recognizable as a member of your brand almost instantly. By effectively branding your product, you imbue it with the reputation you’ve already built for consumers with prior products.

To build a strong brand, create an unusual design that can be associated with your company (think Apple and its white devices and earbuds) or place your logo in an obvious place on the surface of the product. When you launch a tech product, expand the branding of your company and promote your mission statement in order to create a distinct voice for your brand, such as being extremely accessible, for instance.

How do you market your product?

Create Buzz:

To create buzz around your product, release details about it to your previous clients, potential clients, and media outlets to ensure that your product creation is widely known. Create teasers to build excitement even before you have the final version of the product. You should prolong the revelation of the product and the majority of its details until a time closer to the launch of a tech product, as this builds anticipation for the product and gets people talking about it. Create a buzz around your product and focus your efforts on social media websites such as Twitter, where potential customers can share details about it instantly and widely to the rest of their own followers.

Take Pre-Orders:

If it is possible to do so, take pre-orders for your new tech product, as this ensures you gain sales prior to release day and boosts the hype surrounding your product. Taking pre-orders allows your set of long-standing customers to invest in your product before it is even released, which ensures that you make an instant profit on your product. If this is not possible to sell before you launch a tech product, place your customers on a mailing list as this ensures they receive updates about your products that may appeal to them, and also gives people the necessary information they need about your product, such as the release date.

Host an Event:

Ensure that your product launch includes a release event as this puts your product on the map and advertises to others that it is a product to get excited about. Additionally, create offers for those who attend the event, as this encourages more potential clients to get excited and invest in your product and the launch event itself. An event allows the press to get the latest information surrounding your product directly from you — the company itself, and this ensures that the information that circulates about your product is truly as accurate as it can be.

Multi-Channel Advertising:

When you advertise your product to the general public, ensure that you do not only advertise in one place. Broaden your channels to ensure that the people your product targets have more opportunities to find out about it and get interested in your product. Consumers need multiple exposures to your advertising message before they take action. Contact media outlets, open social media accounts on different platforms, and set up mailing lists to achieve message reach.

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