How to Improve Your Instagram Metrics: A Full Guide

Companies have long used Instagram to promote their products, especially to younger consumers who frequent the site. The reason behind the choice of Instagram for marketing to younger consumers is obvious in the graphic below, which clearly shows that Instagram dominates worldwide in reaching consumers below 34 years old, with young men slightly dominating. To succeed on this platform, you must know and improve your Instagram metrics. Today, we have a guide to help you do just that.

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Why do you need to monitor your metrics on Instagram?

I guess I don’t have to tell my loyal readers the importance of monitoring your metrics across your entire digital marketing campaign. You already know how important such monitoring is in allowing you to improve performance over time. But, for the casual reader finding my content for the first time, just know that careful monitoring is the key to success.

If you don’t re-evaluate your social media analytics regularly, the following risks arise:

  • targeting the wrong audience
  • posting too often or not often enough
  • attracting the wrong visitors and wasting your advertising budget with irrelevant clicks
  • ignoring references that could lead to future partnerships
  • posting at the wrong hours of the day or days of the week
  • missing opportunities to engage audiences in comments or stories

If you pay attention to the right metrics, this is just a short list of things that you can monitor to improve your Instagram metrics.

The insights you gain from this data help improve your platform’s efficiency, value, and profitability of your business. To get all this in one report with comments, you should get professional social media marketing services.

Instagram profile metrics

Businesses need to monitor the “right” metrics to optimize their marketing efforts online. Seeking to improve performance by focusing on the wrong metrics is a waste of precious resources that no business has in abundance. Things like follower counts, while easy to assess, are useless because they don’t have a direct impact on performance. Instead, focus on metrics that matter, especially engagement. To help you understand how you stack up against others, here’s a breakdown of average engagement rates for various industries. How does yours stack up?

Instagram influenceMetrics are available for business profiles and creator accounts. General metrics are based on information from the main page and include several parts: “Overview,” “Your audience,” and “Published content”. The information is detailed according to individual criteria there.

Accounts covered

The “Accounts Covered” section counts how many users saw a post, story, IGTV, or ad. Metrics are kept for a week or 30 days – the desired period is selected when viewing the data.

After the value, a number with a “+” or “-” sign is indicated, expressed as a percentage – this is a comparison with the previous period – a week or month.

Content engagement

This section shows the number of likes, comments, reposts, and saves for your content. In metrics, these indicators are presented separately for each type of content (publication, story, video, and IGTV).

Reach is an indicator of how far your content travels. By reaching more users, you potentially attract more clicks that might result in sales. Impressions, which are somewhat related to reach, measure how many times your content was viewed. It double and triple counts reach as each user might see your content multiple times while reach assesses the number of unique users who saw your content. Hence, reach is a more important metric.

Instagram audience analysis

Audience analysis allows you to monitor subscriber dynamics and determine what age, gender, and location users are interested in the content.

Consult the Netpeak Agency to prepare all this data for you and help you grow your social media business. This information allows you to fill out your profile, focusing on the target audience.

User subscriptions and unsubscribes

The section presents a graph of subscriptions and unsubscribes, their total number, and their dynamics, which you can track by day. As mentioned earlier, the number of subscribers (followers) is mostly irrelevant, but unsubscribes indicate something needing attention. If the number of unsubscribers is high on some days, then the outflow of the audience is most likely due to an unsuccessful publication.instagram marketing

Additionally, follower growth is a good indicator of a successful Instagram strategy. You should see constant growth over time and monitor any spikes in growth that might indicate you did something that appealed to users. Try to repeat that as much as possible once you determine what caused the spike.

Businesses should take this indicator into account and stop publishing content that is unpleasant or incomprehensible to subscribers.

Top locations

The section shows audience metrics by country and city. Businesses that publish content aimed at a foreign market need to pay attention to this. The metrics will also be useful for companies planning to do business in other countries.

For businesses that are primarily interested in a local market, locations outside a desired geographical area represent a wasted effort, especially when it comes to advertising. Focusing content on areas of local interest reduces this waste.


Metrics are ranked by age category. It helps to supplement the content with topics that are interesting to members in your target age group. By analyzing data, you can use a narrative style that is relevant and understandable to subscribers.


The ratio of men to women interested in an account often depends on the page’s topic. Taking this indicator into account in conjunction with the others can determine the content of your profile.

Don’t stop there

You don’t want to simply improve your Instagram metrics. You want to improve sales. Hence, you must track clicks from your Instagram account through to sales on your website. If you have a physical store, you might track metrics related to it, such as accessing a phone number or address on your website.

Google Analytics is essential for such tasks. If you go further by tagging links so you can determine which content was most successful in sending converting traffic to your website, you can vastly improve your Instagram metrics related to analytics for insights

How to improve your Instagram metrics

Improving your Instagram metrics means increasing engagement, increasing activity, and expanding your audience. This is impossible without optimizing your posts and posting consistently. You need a content calendar to manage this effectively.

First, use metrics to determine what days and times generate the best metrics, focusing on reach, engagement, and clicks. Experts suggest publishing at least one post per day on Instagram and up to two per day on Instagram stories. They also suggest that 7 am is the best time to post but your metrics may tell a different story. You can vastly improve your Instagram metrics by determining which schedule generates the best performance with your particular community.

Moreover, if you find that informational content in the form of a “question-answer” section generates higher-than-expected metrics, create more of that type of content and less content that doesn’t perform well.

There are no universal and magical ways to improve your Instagram metrics significantly. Each community is individual and has a unique audience. However, experts suggest you adhere to the following principles:

  • you should release content regularly – a profile that is rarely updated does not make users want to follow
  • spend time on the visual component of each post – the profile itself should look aesthetically pleasing and consistent with the same style or brand book
  • interact with your audience or figure out how to get them moving – look to other accounts for inspiration, see how they communicate with followers and how they position themselves
  • choose hashtags that work for your community and attract new users
  • don’t think you have to go it alone. Collaborate with influencers and other users via cross-promotion


Instagram is a popular and effective promotion tool. To attract subscribers to your page, you must create useful, informative, and visually impressive content and constantly adjust your promotion strategy.

Metrics allow you to understand target audience segments, the time of their activity, and their interest in posts. It will help you choose the appropriate way to popularize your account. That is why, with proper analysis, the number of active subscribers will grow.

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