How to Improve Existing Marketing Content and Create New

Improve existing marketing content

Are you disappointed because your existing content isn’t performing the way it should? If yes, then you are not alone. Hundreds of digital marketers and bloggers are facing the same challenge. They wrote and published hundreds, maybe thousands of pieces of content, but they don’t see the kinds of returns that match their goals. Well, never fear. Today, we’ll discuss how to improve existing marketing content and create new content with concrete advice you can use to reach your goals! Improve existing marketing content

Revamping existing text is a great way to improve existing marketing content without the heavy lifting required to create new content and to avoid wasting time spent creating the content in the first place. And, if you’re like most seasoned content creators, you learned a lot about creating great content by reading expert advice, monitoring your content to see what resonates best with your target market, and polishing off your content creation skills.

That means you likely have a bunch of old content out there that requires some TLC. By deleting or updating old content that’s hurting your performance, you can quickly see an improvement in your search rankings with all the benefits accompanying better SEO.

In today’s post, we’ll focus on ways to improve existing content and touch on tactics to keep in mind when creating new content that improves your market performance.

How to improve existing marketing content

There are many ways to improve existing marketing content, as you can see in the image below. Try using one or more of them to update obsolete content, increase the appeal of your content to a specific target market, or refresh the topic so you can publish it again without requiring totally new content, which saves you time. However, some existing marketing content is just beyond hope. By carefully evaluating the content for any kernel of value, you can decide whether it works and effort to improve existing marketing content or whether you should delete it and move on.

improve existing marketing content

Use an online paraphrasing tool

The first thing you can do to improve existing marketing content is to rely on a credible online paraphrasing tool, which is an AI-fueled online platform – automating the entire rewriting process with great precision and accuracy. This is an innovative way to refresh out-of-date content and make it useful in achieving goals like improved rank and engagement.

An AI paraphraser works by deeply examining a given piece of text and instantly regenerating a fresh take using synonyms and alternative sentence structures to update your content. Hence, it appears fresh to both humans and search engines. Making these changes manually is a daunting task, but a good tool can paraphrase online without all the effort. Imagine copying an old article, putting it into an AI-powered paraphraser, clicking the ‘Paraphrase’ button, and instantly getting a renewed version without any contextual changes. The great thing about such a tool is that you get grammatically correct results quickly.

Eventually, you can use this technique to maximize your online potential and improve your position in search rankings. You can create multiple versions of one piece using different paraphrasing modes. For instance, the same write-up can have six variations when you choose a different paraphrasing option for each one of them. You can then use different versions on different social media platforms, in emails sent to segments of your subscriber list, or as a way to update old content to give it a fresh look.

Add fresh insights, images, and statistics

Things don’t remain the same. The information you provided in old posts may not fit the current state of affairs. For instance, you might have an old post regarding SEO. A change in the Google Search Algorithm, which happens often, means your existing content needs a few changes to match the current best practices with the new algorithm.

Don’t forget data included in images as those need an update over time to reflect trends over time.

However, you can leverage the dated content by updating it by adding the latest case studies, statistics, trends, and facts/figures. It is okay to expand on the original context by including new information. You can get reliable information from authoritative online sources such as Statista and IBIS World to use when updating content.

Repurpose content for other channels

One great trick to make the most of your previous content is to repurpose it for different web-based channels. With the right tools in hand, you can repurpose an old blog post to create a compelling video or transform text into a powerful image.

For instance, you can use your AI paraphrasing tool to create different variations of a previous post to share on various social networks, email, or on platforms like Quora. You can extract core points and recreate different versions to share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social platforms. This is a smart way to use one piece to gain maximum traction through its multiple variations.

Connect it to trending topics

Have you ever considered linking old posts to trending topics? Probably not, but this can boost your site’s performance with a little effort and attention to detail.

First, you must find links between your old posts and new trending topics. Seek out new ways to update outdated posts by drilling new information. Anything that has the potential to spark new interest should work well. The rewritten version can offer great value to readers so that they keep coming back to check for more information.

repurpose contentNot sure how to look for trending topics? Well, there are many reliable ways to discover them. Google Trends, for instance, is the leading online tool known for providing insights into trending search queries. You can also use similar tools such as SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs, and Google Keyword Planner to learn about trending topics. Also, check out trending hashtags on social media platforms like X and TikTok.

Once you shortlist a few nice options, search for them on your blog or website to see matching pieces that can be linked. That’s how you can find old posts and relate them to new trending topics with a little intelligence.

Turn content into a series

If you have a few long-form articles or posts that talk about multiple aspects of the subject matter, you can turn them into a series. For instance, you have one article that discusses five parts of a given topic. You can use this write-up and turn it into five different articles or social media posts. By breaking a topic into smaller takeaways, you increase the appeal and encourage readers to read the entire series. Or, you can take the original post and break it into several posts, each focusing on one aspect of the topic and then expanding on that topic to provide a more in-depth piece.

Choose different titles for each of the new posts to drive the maximum traffic out of it. Make sure to use unique meta titles and descriptions to increase chances of online visibility. Using the main keyword in the title and throughout the body is a great way to boost ranking opportunities just remember not to use your keyword more than once or create cornerstone content out of the content so you’re not competing with your own content in rankings.

Use quotes from experts

People love hearing from industry experts, and you can take advantage of this interest by adding quotes from industry experts to revamp your old posts. Nevertheless, make sure to either rewrite those quotes or cite sources to avoid conflicts.

Many marketing experts provide gems about marketing topics. You can follow them on social media or blog to stay updated as they produce new content. When you find a pithy comment related to your topics, you can improve existing marketing content by adding a quote or creating an image or meme featuring the expert and their words.

expert quotesAdd interactive elements

One of the biggest mistakes most bloggers make is to publish plain text, which isn’t as attractive to most readers. Text-only blog posts get less traffic, attract fewer backlinks, and aren’t shared as widely. You should make your content look exciting by using visual elements such as videos, infographics, and high-quality images, whether your goal is to improve existing marketing content or create fresh content. Scan your existing content to see where you can add spice by adding polls, quizzes, and other interactive elements to create more engagement. This could become a lucrative business and help you win the hearts of modern readers.

However, it is important not to add these interactive elements without considering the fit between them and existing content. If you do so inappropriately, it may not bring in the desired results. Go through your piece and identify where to put such interactive sections naturally. Remember, engagement can only be increased when you stay natural throughout your content.

Highlight real customer stories

Customer stories are always appealing, and many readers prefer reading client case studies to help them reach a purchase decision. If your existing content lacks this important element, then go for it. It is never too late to customize existing text and spice it up using relevant testimonials and feedback. You can also add customer interviews posted on other high-authority blogs. However, make sure to provide references to avoid legal consequences.

Today, there are tons of customer stories on the internet. Audit your existing content and determine which stories are relevant to your posts. Try including only relevant ones because irrelevant content will never work correctly.

Regularly check for updates

Aside from evergreen content, most existing content needs to be updated regularly. This includes updating product descriptions, factual information, and contact details so that readers are not deceived by disinformation.

Always refer to high-authority sources for accurate information and updates. Low-traffic websites with less expertise are likely to provide you with inaccurate information. Adding links to external sources is a good practice that helps you stay aligned with the latest SEO best practices.

Add FAQs

No matter what your topic, consider adding a section called Frequently Asked Questions. This section answers possible user queries and gives a holistic approach to your content. If any of your existing posts lack an FAQ section, consider adding one to improve existing marketing content.

If you are not sure what relevant questions you should add, consider checking Google SERPs by entering the topic. Google lists possible queries raised by searchers on every SERP. Every existing post should contain as many FAQs as possible.

However, never overdo it by exceeding ten questions and answers per post.

Update tone and voice

Sometimes, an old piece sounds boring due to its old-fashioned writing style. You can give it a new life by changing the tone and voice.

All you have to do is paste your previous content, choose the new paraphrasing tone/mode, click the ‘Paraphrase’ button, and get your latest piece ready within seconds. Consider removing or replacing old-fashioned words with trendy word choices. Also, recognize that concepts change over time, so update old ways of thinking about key concepts with new ways.

Aside from changing the voice of your piece, you can also make formatting or structural changes to make your content easy to digest for a common reader. You use bullet points, numbered lists, bold quotes, and other formatting features to uplift your old marketing material.

Today’s word editors come with a variety of great options that you can choose from to refresh an old piece. Again, overdoing it is not recommended. Always try to maintain a good balance between accuracy and innovation.


Creating new content is never easy. You have to put in great effort in planning, brainstorming, structuring, and then creating new pieces. It can take several hours or even days in some cases, depending on the complexity of the topic. However, using existing marketing content to get maximum online visibility and engagement is an innovative way to uplift your rankings. With a little effort and clever reworking, your previous materials can beat competitors.

Use modern techniques such as using an online paraphrasing tool to create multiple versions of existing pieces, reformatting content for other channels, adding the latest facts/figures, connecting previous posts to trending topics, turning long-form articles into a series, adding interactive elements, highlighting real customer stories/testimonials, and regularly checking for new updates.

Using the strategies suggested in this post to improve existing marketing content works well to revitalize existing materials and boost your overall reach. Using these strategies when creating fresh content has the same benefits, although without the significant time savings.

It may take some time for you to grasp this, but soon, you should be on your way to leveraging your existing content to achieve your goals. So, try these suggestions and let me know how they help you achieve traffic and engagement goals.

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