How to Create Digital Marketing Campaigns That Rock!

Your business should always search for new digital marketing solutions as platforms, algorithms, and user behavior change all the time. If you want to create digital marketing campaigns that rock, you need to stay ahead of competitors and enjoy an excellent ROI; you can’t just copy the digital marketing campaigns that worked for you in the past; you need to update your marketing efforts. For instance, social media isn’t the only way to build your reputation and increase brand awareness, especially as algorithm changes mean much less organic traffic from social platforms (especially older platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram) and declining effectiveness for influencer marketing programs. Marketing encompasses many facets that you can employ to boost your standing and reach more customers to help your company excel. Because of this, it’s important to create digital marketing campaigns that change over time as outside factors change. Read on to learn more about some of the changes you should make today to achieve marketing success.

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Create digital marketing campaigns for 2024

Take a look at the image above showing data for 2018 — just a few short years ago. Note that marketers reported that social media was their most effective marketing strategy. Not so today, at least when it comes to organic traffic. Now, email marketing reigns supreme when it comes to ROI (return on investment). So, how should you create digital marketing campaigns in 2024? Let’s explore.

As you can see in the graphic below, different tactics now produce a higher ROI than in the earlier graphic from 2018. While this shows the ROI for B2B firms, we find similar results for B2C firms, so you should use this information when you create digital marketing campaigns.

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Find new ways to reach people

As much as digital marketing is effective with everyone online using a variety of devices, a versatile marketing campaign looks for various ways to reach people both online and off. This technique means you need to evaluate your messaging across channels, including traditional marketing techniques such as billboards, flyers, or radio and TV ads. The wider the net you cast, the better your chances to reach your target market with sufficient frequency to drive conversion. Some of these people may already know about your brand; they may even be existing customers. But finding new ways to reach people can maximize your reach and frequency, which translates into increased sales.

Digital marketing still reigns supreme

While there are many marketing areas to explore, remember that digital marketing is still the top choice. That much of the graphic above still holds true. Traditional marketing channels today are good for reinforcing awareness and increasing reach, but they’re no longer the best option for marketing, especially when it comes to small businesses.

Digital marketing is the most accessible channel for most of your customers and prospects, so you should still create digital marketing campaigns, complete with SEO and email marketing, above everything else. This approach helps maintain your current campaign and strategy to keep customers intrigued and reach a wider audience.

Despite the continued supremacy of digital marketing, you need to create digital marketing campaigns differently. Here are some things to consider:

  • While still critical, SEO changed as search engines updated their search algorithm (adding new factors, removing others, and changing the weights assigned to existing factors). Long-tailed keywords are now necessary and that’s likely to become more important as users favor voice search options like Alexa rather than typing in their queries.
  • Email marketing faces an increased emphasis on privacy with GDPR (in Europe and California). Failure to adhere to these regulations is an expensive strategy.
  • Speaking of privacy, Google Chrome is eliminating 3rd party cookies, making it harder to market to users who considered competing products, although remarketing still works (this uses 1st party cookies).
  • New social media platforms arise every day, it seems. TikTok, once a fringe social platform for teens and tweens, now features a strong membership among older age groups. X (formerly Twitter) has been losing users on a daily basis since Musk bought the platform. New governmental regulations proposed in response to users may curtail a company’s ability to market through social media.

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Build an authentic customer base

It’s always important to build a local customer base, but this base must be authentic as it guarantees legitimate sales and interest. This point is why brands that purchase social media followers rarely reach the heights many expect. There is a lack of genuine interest, regardless of how many likes they get on their posts. Instead of inauthentic interest, focus on working with local businesses and engaging in the community to build a customer base that believes in you.

Make your content valuable

Content marketing is one of the most useful elements of digital marketing.  Make the most of it by ensuring your content and other marketing materials provide value to your target market. And, that’s tough when you consider you need fresh content on pretty much a daily basis, multiple times a day on some social platforms.

The easiest place to start is through blog content where you share industry insights and advice. Posting at least once a day helps improve your search rank, which drives more traffic to your website and offers more opportunities to convert. However, if you want to offer more to your customers and clients, creating more content variety, including videos and infographics, can also help. Taking this further, a white paper research study could be ideal for establishing your business as an authority in the industry, which will attract customer interest.

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Remember your market’s preferences

There are many ways to market your product or service, but you must remember what is interesting to various segments of your target market. By catering to the needs of individual market segments, you can achieve greater success. For instance, sending a generic email message to your entire subscriber base usually performs worse than if you send messages that cater to the preferences of individual segments. If a subscriber opens an email about a specific product, you should send them emails directly related to that product rather than an email about a bunch of products you sell. The same thing applies if you track their search history on your website. Sending email messages using deep personalization are more effective.

Digital advertising

Digital advertising offers many benefits, especially to small businesses. First, targeting options allow you to reach your target market so you don’t waste money advertising to users outside your market who will never buy from you. Combined with the lower cost per impression provided by digital advertising, this is a great option to consider when you create digital marketing campaigns.

Monitor performance

If you’ve discovered that short videos drive more clicks and engagement, focus on creating more of these. If you market to an older demographic, you may need to adjust your approach to ensure they can access your materials and content to purchase products with larger print. Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) on a regular basis so you can optimize your campaigns.


Consider these and other changes when you create digital marketing campaigns. You need to be able to adapt to continuously changing trends to keep up with customer demand and expectations. These tips can help you achieve this and stay on track to reach your business goals.

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