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You need social media analytics to make decisions that optimize your social media marketing.

    1. Track visitors to your website/ wall
    2. What types of posts/ what times work best
    3. Who’s influential in your area
    4. Find content that resonates with your target audience.

You can’t do any of this without social media analytics.

social media analyticsWritten with Mark Eduljee — head of social listening intelligence at Microsoft


Steve Wiideman (SEOSteve), the leading SEO guru

This book is chock full of great advice you can use TODAY to help make your online marketing SIZZLE.


  • To Use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to Bring More Traffic to your Website
  • How to Use Social Listening to Guide Content Marketing and Meet Influencers
  • Why your Analytics Should Start with a Sound Marketing Strategy
  • Which KPI’s matter and which metrics take you down the wrong path
  • Which Social Media Analytics Tool Work Best and How They’re Used by Industry Leaders