Enhance Customer Experience with These Simple Changes

It’s hard to measure the value of a happy customer. Happy customers come back to buy from you again, they spend a larger share of wallet with your company, and they share the good experience they had with your business, bringing in new customers. How much are these actions worth to your brand? So, when you’re marketing your company, working to enhance customer experience makes a lot of sense. Before you think about creating advertising materials or partnering with an influencer, focus on ways to enhance customer experience for every customers. But how exactly do you do that? Well, we’ve go you covered there with this post on ways to enhance customer experience.

better customer experience
To start on our journey toward an enhanced customer experience, here’s a graphic that identifies the steps in the process. So, let’s jump in.

How to enhance customer experience

A service audit

The first step to enhancing customer experience is to identify where you are right now, which is called a service audit. Service audits aren’t just for service businesses, as every product has a service component associated with meeting customer expectations. That’s the notion of service-dominant logic, which prevails in marketing today.

Conducting a service audit varies greatly depending on the nature of your business, your marketing channels, and other aspects of your business model. For instance, an e-commerce company might track elements such as:

  • on-time delivery
  • returns
  • customer complaints/ customer satisfaction
  • net promoter score
  • service call information such as number, length, and whether the issue was resolved
  • website issues such as shopping cart abandonment, repeat visits, time on site, etc
  • customer churn
customer service audit
Image courtesy of ROI call center solutions

Meanwhile, another type of business might include some of the same metrics in their customer service audit but include other metrics and/or eliminate some of the ones already listed. The key to a good service audit is to understand the nature of how you deliver value to customers and how they choose to engage with your brand before and after a purchase.

Goals setting

Once you finish the service audit, it’s time to develop goals related to the metrics it included. Set SMART goals that include both quantifiable goals, such as reducing shopping cart abandonment by 10%, and a timeline, such as within the next six months.

Crafting your strategy

Now, we get to the meat of today’s post: specific tools you can use to enhance customer experience.

Tools to enhance customer experience

Smile like you mean it – virtually and in real life

Never underestimate the power of a smile, even if it’s through the phone or a screen. Customers can literally hear a smile (it’s science), and in person, it’s even more powerful. It’s simple, free, and universally understood. So, whether it’s a face-to-face interaction or a chat message, ensure your team’s friendliness shines through. A smile might seem like a small gesture, but it sets the tone for positive interactions.

Simplify, simplify, simplify

Have you ever tried to navigate a website with more twists and turns than a telenovela plot? It’s not fun. Streamline your website to ensure finding information or making a purchase is as easy as pie (mmm, pie). Establish a singular, clear call to action that stands out on your landing page (buttons in contrasting colors outperform links). Even where the button appears on the page impacts performance. Never include multiple CTAs on a single page, but create a different landing page that drives each desired action. Thus, design a landing page designed to sell a product and a different landing page to collect subscriber information for your email marketing.  Clear out any unnecessary steps and ensure your call to action is as obvious as a fire truck in a library.

Create scannable landing pages that allow visitors to quickly gain the information that’s important to them while still providing sufficient information to make decisions.

Don’t force prospective buyers to jump through hoops. Collect only the information necessary to fulfill the order. You can collect further marketing information from a subsequent email. And allow customers to check out as guests rather than forcing them to create a profile.

Speedy responses are golden

In a world where you can have doughnuts delivered to your door at 3 AM, people expect quick responses. Audit your current response times and set a goal to speed them up. Whether it’s replying to an email, answering a call, or responding to a social media shout-out, being quick to respond shows that you value your customers’ time as much as they do.

Thankfully, technology can help speed response times. Using chatbots on your website allows you to respond quickly to standard queries no matter what time of day they ask. Using technology to send automated responses during non-business hours reinforces your commitment to customer satisfaction. In the automated response, manage expectations by offering an estimate of when the customers might expect a response and, if possible, who will contact them.

Personalize the experience

People love feeling special, and no, not just on their birthdays. Tailor the customer experience by using their names, remembering their preferences, and making recommendations based on past purchases. A little personal touch goes a long way in making customers feel recognized and valued.

I once ordered a product when the store didn’t have the size and color I wanted. When the package arrived, it included a little note from the person who packed the order. Handwritten, the card said the person hoped I liked the item and enjoyed using it. It meant a lot.

Digitize IT

Making as much of the experience digital as possible is a great way to make it more efficient for the customer. For example, for those in the healthcare industry, integrating your electronic health record system – Oracle EHR integration can help with this – can dramatically streamline how you handle patient data. This isn’t just about keeping track of health records more efficiently; it’s about making every interaction with your patients smoother, from scheduling appointments to managing treatments. An integrated system reduces errors, saves time, and improves the overall care experience, showing your patients that you’re invested in their health.

enhance customer experience
Photo by Ann H: https://www.pexels.com/photo/letters-carved-using-wood-6610212/

Feedback loops matter

What’s better than guessing what your customers want? Actually knowing it. Establish a simple, straightforward way for customers to provide feedback. Then—and here’s the crucial part—actually use that feedback to make changes. Whether it’s a suggestion box on your website or a follow-up email asking for feedback on a service, make it clear that their voice matters and then demonstrate how you’re listening by making improvements.

Follow up like a friend

Have you ever made a purchase and then felt like the company just forgot about you? Yeah, that’s not great. Improve the post-purchase or post-service experience by following up. A simple “Thank you” email, check-in to see if they’re happy with a product or service, or an offer tailored to their interests can make customers feel cared for after the transaction is over.

Reward loyalty

It’s not just dogs that love treats. Customers love them, too! Create a loyalty program that actually feels rewarding. Whether it’s a punch card, points system, or special perks for regulars, showing appreciation for customer loyalty builds a long-term relationship and encourages repeat business.

Upgrade your greeting game

First impressions matter. Train your staff to deliver a warm, enthusiastic greeting that makes each customer feel truly welcomed. Whether it’s a personalized hello in-person or a vibrant greeting message when they log into your service online, starting on a high note sets a positive mood.

Utilize technology for convenience

Invest in technology that simplifies and enhances the customer experience, such as mobile apps that allow customers to order, book, or check in with ease. Features like saving preferences or easy reordering can make a customer’s interaction with your brand seamless and satisfactory.

Create helpful content

Develop and share content that answers common customer questions or helps them better use your products or services. Tutorial videos, FAQs, and how-to guides can be invaluable resources that enhance the user experience by empowering customers and reducing their frustration.

Continually monitor performance

By instituting a continual monitoring program to assess your performance over time, you make great strides to enhance customer experience. That might mean conducting periodic customer service audits or automatically monitoring metrics such as how long it takes to handle a customer call.


As you can see, you really don’t have to reinvent the wheel to improve your customer experience – a few simple tweaks are all that is necessary!

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