Demystifying Logo Creation: Branding With a Logo Generator

logo creation

In the digital age, establishing a unique and memorable brand identity is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Branding encapsulates everything that IS the brand and, like a person’s name, the logo symbolizes the meaning of the brand for consumers. One of the key elements in building this identity is a logo that situates the brand favorably for consumers. Traditionally, creating a logo involved hiring expensive graphic designers or spending hours mastering design software. However, with the advent of technology, logo creation has become more accessible and cost-effective, thanks to the emergence of logo generators. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of logo creation, demystifying the process and exploring the benefits of using a logo generator.

logo creation

Understanding the importance of a logo

A logo serves as the visual representation of a brand, conveying its values, personality, and identity in a single image. It acts as a cornerstone for brand recognition, helping businesses stand out in a crowded market. A well-crafted logo can leave a lasting impression on customers, fostering brand loyalty and trust. Recognizing the significance of a logo is the first step toward establishing a solid foundation for your brand.

Changing your logo is a difficult project and often faces customer pushback, so developing a logo that works for the brand over the long run is the name of the game. Only change your logo when you face a significant change in business operations that requires a new image for the brand. For instance, check out the various iterations of the Starbucks logo. The first change was made to emphasize Starbucks’ commitment to sustainability and fair business practices using green, which consumers associate with these attributes., After all, the media refers to environmental and sustainable business practices as “going green”, something that would resonate with its target market and encourage them to patronize the coffee shops. The second iteration was done as Starbucks expanded its international presence and, by removing the text, made the brand less tied to a single country. Prior studies show that consumers want brands that feel like they’re “for them“, so changing the identity to internationalize its focus made logical sense.

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Demystifying logo creation with generators

Logo generators are online tools that simplify the logo creation process, enabling individuals with no design experience to craft professional-looking logos. These platforms typically offer a user-friendly interface, allowing users to choose from a variety of templates, icons, colors, and fonts. The simplicity of these tools doesn’t compromise the quality of the output, making logo creation accessible to entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses on a budget.

For instance, new AI tools like Dall-E generate a logo based on the prompts you provide. The software generates multiple options, which users can refine by choosing one option and asking for variations of that design. Of course, Dall-E, although a paid solution, doesn’t really work as a logo creation tool as it uses whatever colors it chooses (rather than the brand colors making up the style guide) and includes nonsense words and letters rather than any words you would like to include in your logo. That means you must still do a lot of work to refine your logo before publishing it.

For instance, here’s the logo I developed using Dall-E, which took time to edit using Photoshop so it contained my color palette and brand name. Obviously, the one on the left is the one generated by Dall-E and the one on the right is the finished product after using Photoshop to edit with my colors and brand name. Logo creation using a true logo generator alleviates this issue and results in a logo that doesn’t require you to learn Photoshop or another editing tool, which is less time-consuming, doesn’t require a steep learning curve, and doesn’t add to the cost of your logo creation (Photoshop is costly, especially as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, which costs $49/ month with a yearly commitment).







Benefits of using logo generators

As you can see from my efforts at using Dall-E for logo creation, the results aren’t that great and require significant effort and knowledge of Photoshop to get something worthwhile. An alternative is using a low-cost logo creation site like Fiverr to generate your logo, but, in my experience using the platform, you get what you pay for. And, often you end up with unexpected costs to get exactly what you need in the desired format.

But, rest assured, there are now alternatives that provide you with a good logo, like the one below, without the downsides inherent in the solutions discussed already. Among the benefits you get from these logo creation tools are:
logo creation


Getting a logo designed by a professional runs the gambit from $250 from an outlet like Etsy to about $10,000 from a professional design agency. Logo generators eliminate the need for hiring expensive designers or settling for designs from freelancers where the emphasis is on fast logo creation, making logo creation a cost-effective solution for businesses with limited budgets. The pay-as-you-go or subscription models offered by many logo generator platforms further enhance financial accessibility.


The traditional logo creation processes can be time-consuming, involving multiple iterations and back-and-forths with designers, although Fiverr and Etsy don’t take as long as you don’t get the advantage of various iterations. Logo generators streamline the process, allowing users to create a logo in a matter of minutes. This time efficiency is crucial, especially for businesses aiming to launch quickly or experiment with different design concepts.

Customization options:

Despite their simplicity, logo generators provide a wide range of customization options. Users can choose from various templates, tweak colors, adjust fonts, and even incorporate unique icons to tailor the logo to their brand’s personality. This flexibility ensures that the generated logos are not generic but reflect the individuality of each business.


Logo generators are designed with user-friendliness in mind. Even individuals with no design background can navigate through the platforms easily, empowering them to take control of their brand’s visual identity. This democratization of design tools has opened up new possibilities for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Consideration in logo creation

Of course, your logo is but part of your company’s branding efforts, as you can see below. Using a logo generator, while easing the design burden, still means you need to carefully develop your brand before designing a logo.

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Image courtesy of Clarity

Adobe identifies 10 steps in building a brand, including:

  1. Identifying your audience
  2. Research your competitors
  3. Define your brand’s purpose and position
  4. Develop a personality and brand voice
  5. Create your brand story
  6. Pick a brand name
  7. Write a slogan
  8. Design your brand look and logo
  9. Integrate your brand into your business
  10. Don’t be afraid to rebrand

Notice, that creating a logo is down at step 8. That means you must spend a significant amount of time and effort before you even think about designing a logo. You must build your brand based on a product line that meets the unmet needs of consumers or meets a need better than the competition. Next, you want to define your brand’s personality and develop a brand voice. Often companies develop a creation or origin story that helps build an emotional connection with their target market before deciding on a brand name that fits everything else that came before this step in the brand-building process.

In the digital age, deciding on a brand name requires you to ensure the URL is available as you want to build your website on one that matches your brand name. Choosing a variation of your brand name by using another extension, such as .org or .info, only sends traffic to the company that owns the .com version of the URL. The same goes for choosing a variation such as adding words like the or an abbreviation of your brand name will also cost you traffic when you market your brand. You also want to ensure the name is available on the social media platforms you want to use. It’s nearly impossible to get your brand name on a social platform if someone else already uses it. For instance, Market Maven was already taken on X (formerly Twitter) by someone who never Tweeted and had no followers. I still couldn’t get the name. With all the trouble brewing at X right now, I’m pretty glad I never got access to that name.

Only after successfully completing the steps leading up to creating your logo, should you invest in logo creation.

A little comment on step 10, while we’re here. If you have a well-established brand, rebranding is fraught with problems so I would avoid it. Look at the paragraph above that mentions the Twitter rebranding as X. Everyone still feels the need to identify X with the prior name, which removes any benefit of the name change (which isn’t clear to anyone). As a smaller, less well-known brand, it’s still challenging to switch the brand name. For instance, I was using Hausman Marketing Letter as the brand name for this website and other marketing efforts for over 10 years — my web designer originally suggested it. Over time, I felt like the direction of the business morphed and I wanted something more in line with my vision, so I developed Market Maven. You can still find references on the internet to the old brand name and many of my posts still appear under the original URL (luckily, most folks never realize that the URL and brand name don’t match). So, give serious consideration to your branding from the beginning so you never face the prospect of rebranding.


Demystifying logo creation through the use of logo generators has transformed the landscape of brand identity design. These tools offer a pragmatic and accessible approach to creating logos, empowering businesses of all sizes to establish a compelling visual presence. While traditional design methods certainly have their place, logo generators provide a viable alternative, ensuring that the power of a strong logo is within reach for everyone, regardless of their design expertise or budget constraints. So, whether you’re a startup looking to make your mark or an established business seeking a fresh identity, logo generators offer a convenient and effective solution to bring your brand to life.

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