Creating a Frictionless Customer Experience Helps Your Brand

A frictionless customer experience (CX) is a seamless and hassle-free interaction between a customer and a company from the first point of contact to the final transaction and beyond. It involves identifying and eliminating any obstacles or inconveniences that may hamper the customer’s journey, such as unnecessary barriers, irritants, or pain points. The goal is to make every step feel effortless and enjoyable for the customer and to create a personalized experience that feels tailored to their specific needs, preferences, and expectations. Creating a frictionless customer experience also involves making every interaction between the customer and your product as smooth and hassle-free as possible. In turn, these frictionless customer experiences turn into profits for your brand. As you can see below, shipping, accuracy, and a convenient buying process all contribute significantly to profitability.

frictionless customer experience
Image courtesy of Tidio

In this post, we’ll lay out how to achieve that exact outcome. Without further ado, let’s begin:

How to create a frictionless customer experience

Highlight user-friendly design

A clean, functional website makes it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for and buy what they need. Tabs that clearly define page content help visitors get right where they want to be. Offering various filtering options lets them quickly find the exact product that meets their needs without weeding through a bunch that don’t. A clean page layout invites visitors to explore the page content and bright visuals offer both information and entertainment.

In addition, your website should load quickly and be stable. That means using a good theme and paying for first-class web hosting. You don’t have to hire a professional to create a user-friendly website and you don’t have to learn to code. I’ve written an ebook that steps you through the process of building a great website with lots of images and directions.

Today, when consumers move fluidly between devices, it’s important that your site is mobile-friendly. It’s even better if you can integrate across devices so a consumer can begin a journey on whatever device is most convenient then continue it on another device if their preference changes. For instance, consumers often search on a mobile device but want to narrow down their choices and make a purchase on a tablet or laptop.

Emphasize personalized recommendations

Personalized recommendations not only convert better as they match a visitor’s known characteristics based on prior interactions but also show you respect their time. A good way to implement this is through cross-promotion. For example, Spotify once ran a mutual promotion with Headspace—if you joined one Premium service, you would automatically get credit for the other. Both apps were operating for different markets, but the cross-over (those who enjoyed audio on their smartphone and cared about cultivating a digital library) offered an additional benefit.

You might offer credit to other partners in your industry or parallel to it in order to match this promotional style. You can also roll out an account feature where users specify their interests, and you selectively show them content related to those interests, just like the Netflix recommendation engine that offers videos you might enjoy. Imagine if a fashion store allowed you to set your exact measurements and then only showed you clothes that would fit your body type or coloring. Would you give them a try over heading into the store or to a competitor? You Betcha.

Fast, easy transactions

A fast checkout process means you convert more customers rather than leaving them so frustrated they abandon their shopping carts. Below, you can see other factors that contribute to shopping cart abandonment. A complex checkout process is just one of them.

shopping cart abandonment
Image courtesy of Revechat

Another factor is paying for the products placed in a shopping cart. Although not explicitly mentioned in the graphic above, paying for products lies behind several of them (at least in part), such as saving for later. Offering a variety of payment options so customers can choose the one that’s most convenient goes a long way toward alleviating shopping cart abandonment.

You may have seen online services proudly showcase they accept Apple or Google Pay, as well as PayPal. Why? Offering these options is both more convenient than entering credit card information and more secure, especially if they’ve not done business with you in the past. Offering a variety of options, including financing options, helps clear those shopping carts.

With a merchant account from North, you can also showcase how easy it is to show off payments in-store, perhaps featuring a clerkless checkout center. If you have unique systems or customer payment pathways, it’s good to clearly lay that out before a customer approaches your desk. This way, any friction of someone entering or trying out your service is gone, and you make that clear in your messaging from the start.

Differentiate assumptions

Anyone familiar with new, hip restaurants and even many older ones knows that QR codes have replaced menus. Begun during the pandemic as a way to reduce the risk of spread, these options allow restaurants to change their menus at will and reduce the cost of printing menus. Perhaps you feel changes like this are a bad move, not in the spirit of what your trade should be. If you want to differentiate to capture folks with this bent, you can return to more traditional printed menus. Obviously, there are other, more impactful ways to differentiate your brand, like offering a unique fusion of different meal options.

Perhaps you’re a powerlifting gym that doesn’t just focus on a guy-dominated environment but is supportive of women who come to train also. Featuring them prominently in your marketing can be important, be that photography, video marketing or even radio jingles. Challenging assumptions with clear counters can be a great idea to have.

Offer integration of your marketing across channels

You may be surprised just how well convenience marketing can work. For example, if an individual scrolls social media and is immediately given a discount code for their first purchase with your website via an ad, odds are they’ll check it out if you set up the ad properly.

Always consider the form and format of how your marketing is structured and how convenient it is to consume. If you’re marketing an App Store app, you might sponsor a popular game on the storefront so that when someone playing a game watches an ad for free in-game credit, they connect you with convenience and utility in their mind. As you can see, it’s not just what you present but how you show your values. Often, being seen as frictionless and easy to use means never using distracting or frustrating marketing techniques, as this runs counter to your content.

Fast, reliable delivery

One of the top tools for a frictionless customer experience is fast, reliable delivery. That’s why major online retailers are experimenting with drones and other delivery options that can offer same-day delivery. Of course, drones are only part of the solution to fast delivery. You need a total logistics system that locates products near customers and transportation options that can get them to a customer quickly. That’s why Amazon invested in an entire city of warehouses near transportation hubs and population centers. It’s why they invested in a fleet of trucks and vans to give them as much control as possible over delivery.


With this advice, you’ll be certain to market that frictionless customer experience for the better.

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