Can You Have Multiple Instagram Accounts?

Social networks, including Instagram, are a basic part of everyday life. We sign up on multiple platforms where our friends and family hang out, looking for communication and content that amuses, educates, or simply helps us pass the time. Companies venture online to promote their brand to reach new customers and remind existing customers how much they want more products. They go online to build a community and show how they’re a valued member of the community. But can you have multiple Instagram accounts without incurring some penalty? Are there any instruments to minimize the ban risks and improve the effectiveness? Let’s figure it out.

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Why would you want multiple accounts?

The answer is simple, you want different accounts for different purposes. Of course, you want one that’s your personal account, but you might also want several for other purposes. For instance, if you run a group of some kind, like a charitable group, you want a separate Instagram account for that group. You might run an influencer account on your own behalf as a side gig.  You might also want a business account for your own business or one where you’re in charge of marketing. In fact, you might want several of them to appeal to different target markets based on age or other demographic variables. You also might want different accounts to market products to folks with different interests or needs without bogging down the account with a bunch of posts that don’t interest folks from different target markets. For instance, you might sell men’s haircare products that mainly appeal to men while you have another set of women’s haircare products. With different accounts, users only see products that likely have appeal for them, so women don’t see men’s haircare products and vice versa. This is especially important if some products you sell are age-restricted or inappropriate for certain audiences.

Is it legal to run multiple Instagram accounts?

Of course, no one is going to throw you in jail for having multiple accounts on any platform although Meta (the parent company of Instagram and Facebook) does state you should have only one active account. Ending up in Instagram jail isn’t as bad as ending up in prison, but it’s close when you consider the lost opportunity to market your brand on social media that results from such a ban. The network policy doesn’t forbid users to manage several accounts from one device. You only need a new login that you haven’t used in your first profile.

How to sign up for another Instagram account?

The process is quite simple. Here are five steps to follow:

  1. Log out of the current profile to access the registration page.
  2. Sign up with a new email address or phone number.
  3. Choose an available username and enter a secure password.
  4. Add a biography, name, and photo.
  5. Verify the contact number or email address to activate the second profile.

How to run multiple Instagram accounts

As you’ve read, the answer to the question ‘Can you have multiple Instagram accounts?’ is yes. You are allowed to sign up for up to 5 accounts from one device. To run a larger number of profiles, try Octo Browser. The intuitive interface helps users to manage dozens of profiles in one browser window quickly and conveniently. The browser for multi-accounting gives you several other opportunities, for instance:

  1. Sort profiles by tags for quick search.
  2. Access accounts from other devices.
  3. Share access with team members.
  4. Automate routine tasks through API.

Launch large-scale advertising campaigns without the risk of being banned.

Octo Browser helps to test advertising hypotheses, target ads to specific audience segments, and track competitors’ advertising campaigns.


Managing multiple Instagram accounts offers a number of benefits for both individuals and businesses. For personal branding, separate accounts can cater to different aspects of one’s life, such as travel, fitness, or hobbies, allowing for a more focused and cohesive brand image. Similarly, businesses can leverage multiple accounts to target specific niches or demographics, tailor content to different audience segments, and diversify their online presence to reach a wider audience and enhance engagement. By following the steps outlined above and utilizing tools like Octo Browser, you can enlarge your business, find new clients, and earn more money with the help of advertising.

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