Attract More Customers With CGI and 3D Architectural Visualizations

attract more customers

The ability of an architect to convert average onlookers or admirers of his works into clients is an indicator that he not only knows his stuff but did a great job of translating his skills into value-laden benefits for prospective customers. Architectural firms can attract more clients by growing a solid reputation with the right tools and maintaining it. With the assistance of a 3D architectural visualization studio, an architect can easily grow from an architectural design guru to a marketing expert. By visualizing your ability in 3D, you can attract more customers and make your firm a success. Satisfied clients, in turn, voluntarily and eagerly recommend you to their friends and relatives as well as post reviews and recommendations of your firm. This is architectural marketing in its most organic form. An architectural rendering studio might just be the exact support system required for your architecture career to take off. Below, you see an actual 3D architectural visualization provided to a client to help them visualize the idea in situ.

attract more customers

Attract more customers

Nearly every industry faces stiff competition and globalization causes the competition to heat up even further. In architectural services, you compete with a host of other companies, especially for large commercial projects. Sure, you have your gallery of completed projects, which helps inspire confidence with prospective customers but what they really want is to see your ideas for their specific project. Processing architectural spaces without pencils and papers are widely replaced with several architectural design computer software. 

That’s where offering a 3D rendering of your idea, like the one above, really makes a difference over viewing static architectural drawings that fail to capture the majesty of your idea. And, these renderings are much cheaper than building a prototype of your design, a practice that’s dominated the industry for decades. Obviously, you don’t use these visualizations at the early stage to attract more customers due to the time and expense involved but they’re great for closing a deal once you reach later stages in the customer decision-making process.

Architectural studios and CGI attract more customers

Modern architects use architectural rendering services from 3D architectural rendering companies to create 3D models for their clients that help prospective clients visualize the plans in a way not possible using 2D drawings. These computer-generated models are also far more accurate than traditional architectural drawings.

Where the architectural rendering services can offer more than just interactive images from the 3D renders, they delve into architectural animation. This provides the visualizations with more video realism depicting movies of a building rather than static images. When familiar locational features are added, clients quickly begin to see the possible relationship a proposed building may have with the environment and its surrounding buildings. This article focuses on 4 ways you can attract more customers, especially with the help of computer-generated imagery (CGI)

1. Create a dedicated blog to show off your work

Every business needs an SEO-optimized website and fresh, valuable content produced on a consistent basis is the hallmark of good SEO. Yet, it appears that architects are only beginning to scratch the surface of what they can do with blog posts. The possibilities are endless; there is so much information in texts and images that you can share on the blog. These blog posts can hinge on the current and future projects of the architecture firm, information about architectural design changes, and posts highlighting the social responsibility of the firm or its clients. Awards, certifications, and recognitions are not just good news for your firm; they are strong company image fortification and veritable marketing tools, so highlight these on your home page. Add a press page to share articles published in various outlets as well as provide images and information to support future press articles.

2. Add more CGI architectural designs to your portfolio

For other professionals, such as accountants, a portfolio is a list of financial assets or simply a large, thin case for carrying their loose papers. However, an architect’s portfolio is far more important; it does not just hold documents; it also holds and showcases the architect’s career and, in some cases, his entire life work.

The architect’s 3D renders portfolio, which contains a set of creative works collected to show potential clients, requires an impeccable standard. You can include everything in your portfolio, from the live projects completed or in progress to ideas you have for future projects. Every piece is important and showcasing your project to the public does more good for developing you as a trusted and creative professional.

To up your ante and make a statement with your portfolio takes a lot of work. CGI-based 3D architectural visualization allows you and your potential clients to get stunning images of buildings from any angle and time of the day, weather, or season.

3. Use CGI in newsletters

Email newsletters are one of the oldest online marketing tools around. Yet, they are not hanging there waiting to go into extinction; they are alive and well. And, that’s because email works; even works better at generating leads than other marketing tactics out there, as you can see below.

content marketing roi

Email newsletters thrive when you gain subscribers organically (most countries forbid emailing without the express permission of a recipient) and then send personalized email messages that motivate them toward conversion. Personalization means a lot more than just using a person’s name in the message but sending messages appropriate for the subscriber based on their position along their customer journey, the products that interest them, and other personal accommodations.

4. CGI in video

Video marketing is today’s winner when it comes to promotion. First, on social media video attracts more attention and generates more results. The video also adds a tangibility that really helps the performance of less tangible products, such as architectural services. Finally, video is more memorable than other marketing formats.

People love watching videos on Youtube, Instagram (Reels), and TikTok. In fact, younger consumers are more likely to watch online videos than TV. More and more social media platforms allow embedding videos into posts as well as running video advertising campaigns. Furthermore, video advertising online is less expensive than the other forms. You can incorporate CGI imagery into videos or even virtual tools people will enjoy watching. Due to its high-quality imagery, this technology allows you to generate more attention, encourage customers to retain your message, and present ideas that are easy to understand and follow. It’s a powerful tool for bringing traffic, achieving recognition, and attracting more customers from social media and your website.

To sum up

Although text is exact and useful in passing relevant information to potential clients, they are quickly forgotten. Younger clients are more likely to find them boring or unengaging. Instead, you can focus on attracting more clients to your brand through a 3D architectural visualization studio, generating more awareness and encouraging message retention. Architectural visualizations laden with CGI offer support for the text and ensure viewers readily gain the message you intended. Photorealism aided with CGI limits the possibility of confusion for your newsletter recipients or those on your website or social media. Good luck with these architectural marketing tactics.

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