AI-Powered Content Generation: Automating Content Marketing

In the world of data and constantly changing search algorithms, creating new and valuable content as often as possible is vital. Content marketing is the principal way you can maintain and enhance online visibility and attract and convert leads into customers. While you might think there’s nothing new under the sun and no way to reinvent the wheel, content creators and copywriters beg to differ as AI-powered content generation opens new vistas to reach these goals. For instance, check out this AI-generated image I reimagined to depict the buying process consumers traverse in contrast to the bland inverted pyramid commonly used.

ai-powered content generationThe amount of data captured and utilized by businesses impacts lead distribution. While one company manually crafts every content piece, its tech-savvy rival can produce more relevant content pieces of the same, or even better, quality content. And, with a steady stream of valuable content, Google bumps up the rank for all your content to improve discoverability. A constant stream of new content also improves your reputation, generates trust, and increases awareness so more prospective buyers begin their journey.

Streamlining your content creation with content marketing automation tools can improve your digital marketing strategy. Content marketing AI services provide you with valuable insights to enhance your campaigns. If you are interested in how to automate content marketing and what AI tools can benefit your business, continue to read this article.

What is content marketing automation?

It is the process of using software that can streamline various aspects of content production. It saves you time on simple repetitive tasks so that you can spend it on other equally important aspects of your digital marketing. According to InvespCRO, 91% of marketers say that marketing automation is a crucial part of their business. That said, you can streamline numerous processes with automated content marketing software:

  • Idea and draft composing: You can use an AI content generation tool to generate ideas that spark interest and engage your audience.
  • Basic research: The properly chosen AI content creator service speeds up the research.  However, don’t expect academic knowledge. AI-based tools often make up or consolidate information based on the data available in their knowledge base. Even the renowned ChatGPT cannot confirm the facts that go beyond its training data — January 2022, to be exact.
  • Content creation: AI-based services can help you write and optimize the text for search engines. They don’t replace a copywriter, as they are still not perfect human substitutes. But these tools can free up to 5-10 hours of copywriter’s time weekly, depending on the tasks.
  • User activity tracking and promotion: Automated content marketing tools can analyze user engagement. After that, they provide you with the best posting time and advertisement settings. You can implement these recommendations in your marketing campaigns.
  • Content performance analysis: AI automation tools provide analytics and insights into content performance. With them, marketers track metrics like traffic flow, engagement, bounce rate, conversion rate, etc. This data-driven approach unlocks new marketing opportunities.

AI tools unlock new levels of efficiency and ways to enhance marketing workflow. You can use these services for AI content generation, brainstorming, behavior tracking, and more. Ultimately, artificial neural technologies reshape the business world while enhancing well-known tools to make them even more effective.

A history of AI content marketing

The first AI tools were developed in the late 1940s. Most of these projects were military, so they are still classified. That’s why we don’t know much about them. In the late 2000s, AI content-writing services became available to the general audience. However, they were mostly for entertainment purposes and generating greetings.

As technology improves, we get more AI-powered content generation tools for business use. Corporations saw these services could streamline workflows and reduce the need for human writers. You can use AI-powered content generation tools to write drafts and AI SEO content to get better results in the Google search. Advanced analytics tools find your weak spots in the content strategy and show you ways to overcome these mistakes. Other tools can generate pictures or even edit videos.

Benefits of AI-powered content creation

The adoption of AI content marketing services benefits businesses in many ways. They increase company efficiency, improve productivity, and reduce labor costs. Automation removes the need for human intervention in repetitive tasks. According to Email Monday, more than 60% of businesses outsource part of their marketing activities. However, onboarding takes a lot of time and effort. As mentioned before, correctly chosen AI-powered content marketing tools can automate many mundane tasks. So, your business may not need to hire as many staff as before.

AI tools revolutionize content marketing by providing insights into the latest trends, social media, and search engine algorithm updates. A rightly chosen AI content creation tool relieves marketers from time-consuming tasks to focus on strategic and creative goals. Watch the video below to get started.

The main thing to do is to find the correct content marketing automation tool aligned with your needs, budget, and technical expertise. Some automation services have a user-friendly interface with fewer features, while others are more complex and far more comprehensive.

Drawbacks of AI-powered content generation tools

But there are two sides to every story. Despite all the merits of machine learning technology, we should understand the weaknesses of AI and ML tools.

Unfortunately, AI tools for content marketing can be biased. These systems train on data collected by a team behind the project, and this data can reflect specific biases and prejudices. On top of that, content produced by AI can be discriminatory.

There’s no denying that AI systems are pretty complex. It can be tough to understand how they make specific decisions. This lack of transparency leads to concerns about service accountability and data misuse.

AI-generated social media content can be indistinguishable from human-made content. Some services may even partially steal content or use a signature style of online creators without paying them for it. It is already happening with AI-generated video content and AI-made images. Such issues raise concerns about the authenticity of AI-generated content.

SEO and AI-generated content: human and machine collaboration

Machine learning technologies are transforming SEO, offering tools to improve the long-known and established approaches to content creation. AI-powered content creation services impact SEO in many ways, including but not limited to the following:

Keyword research and analysis AI-powered services can analyze vast amounts of data to find relevant keywords for your audience. They can uncover long-tail keyword opportunities. With a properly chosen AI content creation tool, marketers can adapt their content strategy to focus on semantic relevance.
Content creation and optimization AI-based services help you generate topic ideas and suggest content formats. You can modify AI-generated SEO content afterward to make it look more human-like.
Technical SEO audit and optimization AI-based tools can diagnose technical SEO issues, such as website speed or mobile-friendliness, and provide recommendations on how you can fix these problems.
Personalization and relevance Modern tools can understand the context behind the search queries. Some AI services can personalize search results based on individual user preferences, while other tools.
Predictive analytics and forecasting An AI-powered content generation service can analyze data patterns to predict future user behavior.


Businesses that started to generate content with AI a while ago will stay ahead of the curve and proactively optimize their promotional strategies. However, we recommend you double-check and adjust AI content regularly. Even the most disruptive technologies are still not perfect.

3 content marketing automation services to try

There are numerous AI-powered SEO tools on the market. Each of them has its unique features, so you should do your research to find which tool suits your needs the most. We’ve compiled a short list of 3 great AI content check and generation services for your business.


marketmuseSource: MarketMuse

This AI-powered content optimization platform provides insights that help you achieve a higher rank in search results. With automated audits, you can examine the content in real time and identify the parts that require optimizations and updates.

MarketMuse has a built-in AI content detector tool providing a score for each text, measuring its overall quality and topic relevance. Its keyword optimization service identifies the relevant keywords that you can add to the text. MarketMuse AI content generator offers suggestions for document structure, relevant keywords, and places to insert links. User reviews confirm that this AI tool for content creation helps improve SERP ranking, leading to increased organic traffic.

It has 4 available price plans, including a free one to test the tool. Under the Free option, you get limited page insights and just up to 10 queries/month. Standard pricing provides full page-level insights and up to 100 queries/month. It costs $149/month or $1,500 annually.

Under the Team pricing, you can share the account with 2 other users (up to 3 users per account) and get unlimited queries and briefs. Here, you need to pay $399/month or $3,000 annually. Enterprises can opt-in for custom Premium plans with personalized metrics, inventory, and topic tracking. The final price of this plan depends on the team’s needs, so it’s negotiable.


frazeSource: Frase

This AI content writer tool can help you create comprehensive texts incorporating facts and background research. Frase identifies the most relevant and high-value keywords for each content piece. After that, the AI content generator tool provides actionable suggestions for existing content. It helps you add proper wording strategically throughout the content, improving its structure and readability.

Frase will ease the copywriter’s job by writing briefs and drafts. But remember that a skilled and knowledgeable editor still needs to fine-tune the text created by an AI tool for content writing. Frase also has advanced tracking tools to provide detailed analytics, revealing content performance over time. On top of that, it allows working in a team and automating content marketing production. Frase provides intuitive collaboration tools to streamline the workflow.

This service has 3 available pricing plans. The Basic Solo option costs $14.99/month or $152 for a year. It provides you with a single user seat and 4 articles monthly. Under the Basic plan for $44.99/month or $459 for a year, you can write or optimize up to 30 articles per month.

The Team plan is the most expensive one. It will cost you $114.99/month or $1173 for a year. You’ll get 3 user seats under the account and unlimited articles to write and optimize. Any additional seat will cost you $25/month. Unlimited AI-generated words and other premium features are available with the Basic and Team plans for $35/month.


JasperSource: Jasper

This service is listed in almost every article covering the best AI content-generation tools. Considering its capabilities, there is no wonder it has so many fans worldwide. (previously Jarvis) is a powerful AI assistant that streamlines short- and long-form text creation. All you need to do is provide a task description, some context, and a proper tone of voice. I moments, this tool provides you with AI-generated marketing content that you can use as a draft. Just like with any AI tool, we recommend you proofread and edit the text, making it more informative and detailed. also can analyze existing content and provide suggestions. It shows you options for new content structure, suggests relevant phrasing, and gives keywords most relevant for your business. is also capable of AI social media content creation. You can ask it to write an Instagram post, Twitter thread, or scenario for the TikTok video. This tool supports more than 25 languages.

You can choose any of the three pricing plans: Creator, Team, and Business. The first option suits individuals and small teams. It costs $49/month or $468 per year. You get a single-user seat, 1 brand voice, 50 knowledge assets, and 50+ content templates here. You can score content and assess its SEO potential with built-in analytics tools. The Team’s plan is for middle-sized companies. It provides you with advanced features like 3 brand voices, 150 knowledge assets, and instant campaigns. You can add up to 3 users under a single account. It costs $125/month or $1,188 per year. The Business plan is the best fit for enterprises, as it allows setting custom templates, building custom API integrations, and getting advanced admin analytics. You will also get full ongoing tech support from the team. The final price is negotiable.

Content generation using AI: the future is now

What seemed unreal just a decade ago has already become the new normal. Today, thousands of businesses using AI for content marketers to streamline their workflows. Meanwhile, we should understand that AI technology is not a magical solution to all our problems. These tools can be biased or steal pieces of content from actual creators. It can be hard to understand the underlying processes of the AI tool, which may be crucial for some businesses. At the same time, a proper AI tool to generate content eases the workflow of the whole marketing department. Some services can do SEO research and write briefs, while others produce images and edit videos.

AI services will not replace content marketing experts anytime soon, but they will become an essential part of technology in any and every industry. From staying ahead of the curve to experimenting with new technologies to achieving tremendous outcomes under tight deadlines — it’s all possible with an AI tool for content creation and content marketing automation.

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