8 Biggest Trends in Web Design for 2023

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Since the 1990s, the practice of web design has advanced remarkably quickly, and if our predictions come true, 2023 will usher in even more fascinating developments! Since the very beginning of the development of websites, trends in the web design sector have been quickly evolving. The evolution of technology, the rise and fall of certain programming languages, the rising usage of mobile devices, and many other variables have influenced patterns in web design throughout time. If you’re still using an old web design your site not only looks dated, which may impact sales, but it may cost you big time when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), which translates into less traffic on your website.

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But, all is not lost. It’s easier than ever today to update your website quickly and easily. No longer must you re-write hundreds or thousands of lines of code. With the rise of using CMS (content management systems) to quickly build the framework of a modern website without writing a single line of code, modern templates that allow you to differentiate your website so you stand out from the crowd while employing the most cutting-edge look and SEO, and a host of plugins that provide any additional functionality you might imagine. So, if your website still features a carousel of images, which slows down your site and screams old-fashioned, here are eight of the biggest trends in web design for 2023 and beyond.

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Trends in web design for 2023

The importance of features like user-friendly navigation, data security, and fast load times were always salient but with increasingly sophisticated users and changes to the Google Ranking Algorithm, they’ve never been more critical for your success. However, by implementing yourself or with the help of digital product agency Fireart, some of these creative features and characteristics anticipated to acquire popularity in 2023, may preserve your site’s cutting-edge positioning and search engine significance.

1. Experimental navigation

When we speak about experimental navigation, we mean the patterns that deviate from the standard (top-of-the-screen navigation in all capitals with a sans serif font). Experimental patterns, on the other hand, use a more imaginative approach, creating visual appeal and directing people to utilize the website in a certain way.

Experimental navigation makes a website more fun and interesting but you must use care to ensure navigation remains intuitive or you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face. Some websites move the navigation bar to a sidebar while others opt for no navigation on the homepage and, instead, opt for sending visitors to a landing page with a CTA (call to action) button. Navigation on internal pages helps the visitor navigate the remainder of the site.

2. Effects of scrolling

Because they make online experiences more dynamic, scrolling effects—animations started by scrolling—are perhaps one of the most well-liked and in-vogue web design components this year. These are being utilized more often on interactive websites to entice users to scroll down, indicate a content break, and provide a three-dimensional experience.

Parallax is the most commonly used scrolling effect and, if you navigate to my homepage (https://hausmanmarketingletter.com/) you’ll see an example of this effect. Of course, there are other scrolling effects, including motion effects, and you can watch this video for insights on how to add them to make your website pop.

3. Voice recognition interface

In the old days, users entered a single word to begin an internet search for information. Brands used this to bring appropriate traffic to their website by entering this word or variations of the word as keywords in their content, which Google used in constructing the database triggered by the keyword to produce a rank-ordered list to address the query. Over time, search engines allowed users to enter multiple words into their query and websites adapted by using long-tailed keywords.

We now pose a question using a voice search tool such as Alexa or Siri when looking for information rather than entering it into Google. In light of the increasing use of speech chatbots and virtual assistants, site design has had to adapt to natural language. Although most websites don’t have a voice-activated interface, this new development won’t go away anytime soon. We may anticipate more websites using voice search as a substitute for standard text search.

4. Drag and drop

Drag-and-drop as a tool for website design is gaining popularity. The tactic is now moving into the resulting designs. It imitates bodily motions like picking up and manipulating things on the screen. This makes it possible for users to engage with the website more physically.

For instance, some websites let users drag and drop several slides to examine projects in addition to clicking on the buttons for the home page slider. Additionally, the pace of dragging may affect how smoothly pages and animations move. As a result, the effects seem more within the user’s control.

5. Kinetic typography

Kinetic typography, sometimes known as moving text, is a kind of animation that gained popularity in the 1960s with the introduction of animated opening titles for features. Similar results may be achieved by using it in website design to attract visitors’ attention as soon as they arrive at the homepage.

Here’s a video showing several different ways you might use kinetic text to make your website stand out.

6. Design for mobile devices

Mobile-friendly design is nothing new, but it’s more important than ever right now, making it one of the top trends in web design of 2023. About 85% of Americans have smartphones as of 2021; many of these individuals use their phones to book reservations, browse restaurant menus, plan auto maintenance appointments, and do other jobs. If a business’s website is difficult to use on mobile devices, customers can go elsewhere, costing it money.

Plus, allowing for omnichannel marketing is a key trend in web design as consumers now want to use mobile devices to search options but may complete the transaction on a more secure desktop (or laptop) device that allows for a better view of the product and provides other benefits you don’t get on a mobile device.

7. Color schemes in black and white

Black-and-white color schemes are becoming more and more popular among designers as they take their lead from the past. Others utilize black and white as complementary colors that contrast nicely with another color that makes the design pop, such as yellow and blue, while others choose to use just one hue.

Bold statements that grab attention are created by using the black font on a white backdrop or vice versa. With today’s stark color schemes, it’s simple to add a few entertaining effects or even an image. You may ask why no one is doing it already since it’s so easy. Be wary, however, as older adults and those with astigmatism find some difficulty in reading white text on a black background.

8. Techniques for intelligent content loading

Nowadays, a lot of websites are loaded with resource-consuming components and external integrations, which slows down speeds. However, there are a number of techniques for building smarter websites that just load essential materials for the user, then load resource-rich content later, resulting in a faster load as assessed by search engines. For instance, you’ll find this webpage uses lazy loading on images and videos. Thus, you can read the text as it appears lightning fast with the images lagging behind a little. Major social networks have been using slow-loading and endless scrolling techniques for years, and they are especially common for long single-page websites.


We’ve now discussed a few avant-garde and unorthodox trends in web design for 2023.  This year, designers are more likely to take a methodical approach to creating a variety of site designs that are user-friendly, accessible, and meaningfully interact with visitors.

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