7 Business Video Ideas to Get Attention

Running a business has always been about connecting with your intended audience through whatever marketing means you use. In this digital era, nothing helps you connect with your target market better than video. People spend their time on social media, which is dominated by video, so you must also embrace it to catch their attention. Today, we’ll share seven business video ideas that will help you attract the attention of your market.

business video ideasBeyond the platforms commonly used by consumers, your website is also a hub for consumer traffic that converts. It needs dynamic content that people can engage with while you inform and entertain them. Adding video to your website helps to keep visitors longer and an engaging video can encourage them to explore your offerings further. Thus, video is a key element in business success. Using it the right way can have dramatic results. In fact, 30% of the top landing pages include video, according to Hubspot.

Read on to discover the seven business video ideas that can generate these returns. These corporate video ideas can substantially increase your brand’s visibility. By investing in professional equipment or enlisting a production company, you’ll unlock video’s true potential in setting your brand apart from the competition. If you want some advice on how to get started making videos, check out this post on our site.

This sounds great, but what can you do to attract new customers? Here are some key business video ideas to get your attention.

Top business video ideas


While you can have the greatest products and services in the world, people may need help understanding or using them. This is where videos come into play.

Tutorials allow you to teach and inform so individuals have a greater understanding. This can be done through walk-throughs and how-to videos. Besides explaining how to use products, they also guide them in accomplishing a specific task.

They also understand the concept and use of a product or service. The presentation needs to be visually engaging while being simple enough for a broad audience to follow along and be entertained at the same time.

When you provide a medium where customers can learn new skills and complete complex tasks, they will likely become regular customers and sing your praises to the masses.


Selling your wares makes money in business, but if you can get your satisfied customers on video, you can create lasting footage of how they love what you do. This is just the tip of the digital iceberg, though, because influencers who review your products are popular now.

These are commonly called unboxing videos and are powerful at getting the word out. Contact a few high-profile influencers on social media and send them some items to open up. They need constant products to film and keep their channels running, which is a win-win situation. These media personalities have large followings and know how to engage with their audience, and this is how to use video in your business to its fullest.

Once their videos are released, embed them on your company’s website so more people can see them. This shows you are relevant and on-trend with today’s video trends and creates lots of excitement around your brand.

Product launches

When new products come to market, you want to get the buzz out and let people know. This can also be used internally for larger companies, where not everyone can attend a launch event.

successful video marketing
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Using video for a product launch doesn’t just list features and benefits; it also introduces a story that speaks to your customers and captures their attention through emotion and curiosity. You want to make a connection while creating a memorable viewing experience. After introducing a problem your product solves, end with a call to action. This directs them to your website, pre-order or share this video on their social platforms.


Another way video can connect and get attention is through updates. These are great for in-house videos where you can inform your teams and networks about software and product updates.

Regular presentations can be boring, but video is dynamic, fun, and informative. It is easy to digest and retain and can be rewatched anytime.

Sales presentations

There is great pressure to make a sales presentation. The world is moving quickly, so clients often need more time to attend a meeting and sit through a live presentation. Video solves this problem by allowing you to create a polished presentation that can be sent to clients and customers alike.

You can easily cut different types of content to make it more engaging. Add a voice-over to the information while the video is being displayed. This is how to grab attention and convey your message in a professional, packaged medium.

Behind-the-scenes content

You can build trust by showing your followers what happens behind the scenes. This type of content puts a human face on your brand, sharing the personalities and activities that set your company apart. You can post videos that depict a typical day at your office, how you make your products, your team having fun together, or previews of future projects.

These videos give your viewers VIP access, making them feel special and tied to your company. They also highlight the principles and dedication that shape your business and its offerings. Remember, being genuine is crucial. You make your brand more approachable by revealing true stories and actual team members. Inviting people into this inner world strengthens their bond with your brand.

Other Ideas

When creating videos to capture your audience, it’s critical to know them well and tailor your content to their preferences. Choose a style that’s true to your brand and resonates with your clientele. Start drafting a detailed outline or script, ensuring you’re prepared and organized. Consider using an online video maker or hiring a professional company to give your videos a slick, professional edge.

Draw inspiration from videos produced by other businesses. It can spark creativity and introduce new concepts to your strategy. Another practical approach is to develop a how-to series for YouTube or similar platforms. This helps establish authority in your field while providing valuable information to viewers.

Personalizing videos for individual clients can significantly enhance engagement. It shows thoughtfulness and dedication to meeting their specific needs. Additionally, animation can add a playful and engaging touch that viewers find endearing.


So, now that you have some business video ideas, which will you try first? Let me know how it goes.

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