4 Options to Elevate Your Products In-store – Online or Offline

Making sure that your products are attractive is essential if you want to increase sales and grow your business. When people look at your products, whether in person or online, an attractive image, well lighted and presented in a way that shows its advantages to their fullest makes visitors want to buy. The question we’ll discuss today is how to elevate your products to entice customers to buy.

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Of course, elevating your products begs the question of how to do that effectively so:

  • What makes your products stand out from the other options that consumers have?
  • Are there specific images or words and phrases that encourage purchase?
  • How should you price products to help them attract buyers?
  • Where should you position your top-selling brands to encourage increased sales?

These are some questions we’ll work to answer today.

How to elevate your products

Customers need good reasons to choose your products over those available through other vendors, and a lot of that appeal relates to the way that you present your products. Whether they’re sitting on a shelf or you use images and descriptions to market them online, you can manipulate the way your present your products in a way that makes people want to buy them.

Choose practical packaging

People pay a lot more attention to packaging than they in the past. In fact, your packaging shows a lot about what’s inside and is your first line when marketing your products online or in stores. Here are things to consider related to packaging.

  1. Consumers want packaging that’s practical, suitable for the product, and protects the environment by offering options for reuse or recycling, including using previously used materials in your new packages.
  2. Product labeling and images contribute to perceptions of the brand including healthfulness and appeal. For instance, gold packaging (think Godiva) implies luxury and high-quality, while green packaging implies environmental friendliness.
  3. Packaging protects your products during shipment so ensure the packaging doesn’t get crumpled or wrinkled during shipping to ensure the highest assessment of quality.
  4. By bundling products together inside a package, you increase sales.

Fortunately, thanks to advances in packaging technology, it’s easy to get your packaging right. From the shape of your packages to the material that you choose and the design that you print on packaging, you have lots of options to customize your packaging however you want. Consider things like using as little packaging as possible or enabling your customers to reseal the product once they’ve opened it.

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Give your products a voice

Your brand tone of voice is something that impacts the appeal. A friendly tone, a humorous one, or even a tone that is serious sets expectations. Use this tone on your packaging, as well as when you write descriptions for your online store.

Not only that but carefully choosing which features and benefits to stress in your marketing helps you to stand out and differentiate your products from your competitors. What does your brand sound like? Who is your product for?

If you haven’t nailed down a brand tone of voice, you must consider your target audience to work out what they want to hear from you. If you have developed a brand tone of voice, you need to know how to apply it consistently to your product packaging and descriptions.

Make benefits clear

The first thing people want to know is the benefits that your product offers. Remember, consumers buy solutions rather than products so ensure you toute benefits shared by your customers. Here are some questions to ask:

  • How do you solve a problem or meet a need shared by your target market?
  • How do you solve customers’ problems in a way that’s different from your competitors?

Making your product’s benefits clear as soon as possible is one way to attract your customer’s attention. You might include some snappy words on your packaging, so it’s obvious why the customer should pick your product over that made by a competitor. Or you might front-load your online descriptions with the best benefits.

Use attractive pricing

Pricing is another big factor to consider if you’re trying to elevate your products. The best pricing doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest pricing, but you must consider what price point is most suited to your product based on competitors’ prices as well as the value customers receive.

What are your customers willing to pay? Can you beat your competitors or put your prices on par with theirs? If not, what else are you doing that justifies your higher price? You can also use discounts and sale prices for short-term benefits relating to price, too.


If you want to elevate your products, you need to make them stand out and ensure their benefits are clear. Don’t forget about packaging and pricing if you want to appeal to modern customers too.

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