3 Offline Marketing Strategies to Bump Your Sales

offline marketing strategies

Did you know that offline marketing strategies are still an effective tool, either alone or in combination with digital marketing strategies? Countless entrepreneurs believe digital marketing is the only way to advertise these days and they’re right that digital marketing is low-cost and highly targeted, making it an effective marketing tool. But, while digital marketing tactics have a lot to offer, don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater when it comes to crafting your marketing strategy next year. Offline marketing strategies are still effective, when used correctly, and can help bump your sales when combined with other marketing strategies.

offline marketing strategies
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Quite a few offline marketing strategies remain just as effective, if not more so, depending on your target market. If your target marketing includes a local customer base or older consumers, offline marketing strategies like billboards, inflatables, snail mail direct marketing, and flyers are still worth considering as part of your marketing strategy.

That doesn’t mean you should throw your entire marketing budget into offline marketing, however. Some offline strategies are more effective than others, and some are better in certain markets than in other markets, depending on your target customer and your competition. Three specific offline marketing strategies tend to outperform others in nearly every market, so they could have more of an impact on your business than you’d think.

Offline marketing strategies: 3 effective strategies

1. Getting involved with trade shows

Trade shows are a great place to gain exposure among people who are actively interested in your industry, especially if you work in a B2B firm. While trade shows at the consumer level are relatively niche, they offer a ton of value because they allow you to interact with prospective buyers who are already in the market for the products you sell. Your brand gets quite a bit of exposure among your ideal customers and they get a chance to not only try out your products but meet your people to develop a relationship with your brand. That’s great for products that are bulky or bespoke to effectively demonstrate your products to prospective buyers. For instance, if you operate a nursery, you can set up a garden filled with potted plants to show how great they are. If you’re a home builder, you can set up a mini home to let folks attending the trade show feel the space you can create for them.

Then there’s the fact you could run into potential suppliers and partners who are also attending the trade show so you can build a network of firms that benefit your marketing efforts. For instance, you might connect with a supplier you never knew anything about or test out the products you might need to deliver your own products, such as an insulation supplier who offers a better price or higher quality product you can offer to entice buyers for your new custom homes or remodels.

You’ll benefit in more than a few ways, making this one of the more notable offline marketing strategies you should try. While you’ll need to know how to network and sell when you’re there, it’ll pay big dividends.

2. Direct mail marketing

Direct mail marketing is one of the oldest offline marketing strategies and it still delivers strong results. In fact, 74% of marketers agree that direct mail offers the highest ROI of all offline marketing strategies despite the relatively high cost of producing materials, buying mailing lists, and shipping marketing materials through the mail. The reason direct mail persists as a preferred offline strategy is because of its potential return and effectiveness in driving conversion. It’s one of the best offline marketing strategies you can use to target customers in a geographic area.

Direct mail costs vary dramatically based on your creative. For instance, a simple full-color insert in a Valpak mailer costs about 3 to 5 cents per household which includes the cost of printing the small advertising inserts. Your cost varies based on the particular territory served by the mailing and the type of ad you choose. The downside of this form of direct mail is that you’re competing with a number of other advertisers in a given mailing envelope.

Other forms of direct mail are more expensive. You must include the costs of printing, processing, and mailing producing an average cost per piece between $0.30 and $3.00. Postcards are the cheapest form of direct mail since the postage is low and you only print a small piece. In contrast, you can print a packet of marketing materials including 3D advertising in a larger envelope. Most direct mail is much less elaborate. Once you know what you need and do some research on it, like figuring out what a #10 envelope size is, it could work out to a few cents per household. With the leads you can generate, direct mail is often one of the more profitable strategies to take.

3. Going big with billboards and other outdoor advertising

Billboards are a great way to expose your brand to a large number of people in a local radius. When these billboards are well-placed, thousands of people can see your billboard ad as they go about their daily activities. Go for short text and attention-driving creative like the 3D billboard for Chick-fil-A below. Locating your billboard on major highways and including information on finding your store can drive a lot of business to your restaurant, gas station, or hotel catering to travelers.

outdoor advertisingRegardless of where you place your billboard, it’ll drastically increase your local brand awareness. While this comes at a relatively large cost, the exposure is more than worth it. With the sales it could help drum up, you could see a decent return on investment. You’ll end up seeing more success because of it.

Other forms of outdoor advertising also work well to drive brand awareness and local visitors to your establishment. Creativity is the key and the sky’s the limit when it comes to your options. For instance, here’s a moving billboard to advertise your brand. No one’s going to overlook or forget this ad!

cutting through the noise
Image courtesy of W3 Lab

Another option for outdoor advertising is inflatables like the one below.

inflatable advertisingOffline marketing strategies: wrapping up

Offline marketing strategies can help your business much more than you’d think. While digital marketing still has its place, it’s worth striking a balance between them. Focus on the right strategies for your company, whether that’s online or offline.

Some are more effective than others and some face challenges from local governments, other businesses, or residents who might see your marketing efforts as wasteful, dangerous, or inappropriate. For local marketing, it could be worth sticking primarily with traditional offline methods. They’ll have much more of an impact than you could think.

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