10 great ideas for creating an effective Social Media giveaway contest

instagram stories social media giveaway contest

People love freebies even more than you can imagine. And yes, they adore social media giveaway contests. And, most users are willing to take some action to get something they want for free. The data from such actions more than makes up for the cost of the giveaway … if you set it up the right way. Do a social media giveaway contest wrong and it could end up costing you a bundle.

Are you going to create a social media giveaway contest? If you are looking for fresh ideas, here are a few examples for inspiration.

1. Start with your goals

Before we move to examples, let’s talk about goal setting. Think carefully and answer these questions before you do anything else:

  • What is the reason you want to create a giveaway?
  • What marketing goal do you want to achieve through the social media giveaway contest?
  • Include SMART goals to really keep your team focused and to offer metrics to evaluate performance.

As a rule, companies start giveaways to hit one (or a few) of the following goals:

  • Boost engagement
  • Increase reach
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Grow your email list
  • Generate additional sales
  • Build brand loyalty

Why is it so important to set your goals before starting a giveaway? The point is that only when you know what exactly you want to achieve, you focus on achieving that goal with the right giveaway format that will meet your goal and avoid problems that might occur.

2. Like and comment to enter

Let’s start with the basics.

If you recently created your social media account, your primary goal may involve driving engagement so your message diffuses to the social networks of those engaging with your content.

If engagement is your goal, you might ask your followers to like your post and/or to write a comment.

Yep, it’s that simple.

Each action they take spreads the word to their network, not only spreading your message but acting as a tacit endorsement of your brand.

If you want more people to enter your giveaway, don’t ask for multiple actions. The simpler the rules of your social media giveaway contest, the better.

social media giveaway contest

3. Share or retweet to win

Sharing or retweeting, or any of its variants across platforms, increases your reach, just as likes and comments do.

You should recognize that the way you set up the giveaway impacts results. If you have a limited number of prizes, users won’t share as widely, since that reduces their chances of winning by increasing the pool. Thus, instead of sharing with multiple users, they’ll share the bare minimum to meet contest rules.

When used correctly, sharing achieves amazing results.

Bill Pulte, the inventor of Twitter Philanthropy, asked his followers to share his post to win $11,000. As a result, his giveaway tweet was retweeted more than 138,000 times within 72 hours.

Bill Pulte spent only $11,000 and reached hundreds of thousands of people. It’s brilliant, isn’t it?

social media contest

4. Post on Stories to win

Also, you can invite your followers to share your giveaway post on Facebook or Instagram Stories. Just keep in mind that you will have only 24 hours to confirm those shares since Stories disappear after that time.

If you want to create a flash giveaway, here’s a great option to consider.

instagram stories contest

Don’t forget that, if you want to make your giveaway contest effective, you should not only create posts but also use Stories. Stories help you reach a wider audience and inform more people about your giveaway.

Do you know why Instagram Stories work better than ordinary Instagram posts?  Because you can attach a link to your stories and provide your followers with quick access to your website, landing page, or sign up form.

instagram stories contest

5. Tag a friend to enter

Another way to make your giveaway post go viral online is to ask your followers to tag a friend in the comment.

Here you have two options to consider:

  • You allow your followers to tag as many accounts as they want to have more chances to win.
  • You ask your followers to tag only one friend.

If your goal is to increase reach and engagement, choose the first option. If your goal is to generate qualified leads, choose the second option.

tag friends contest

6. Share product review

If your brand is famous enough, don’t hesitate to ask your followers to complete a few more actions to enter a giveaway. Ask them to mention their favorite products in the comments and write short product reviews.

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Sharing these reviews is the simplest, yet the most effective way to create online buzz and increase sales. After reading dozens of positive reviews, prospective customers who haven’t tried your product yet may make a purchase. Of course, this will backfire if your brand has a poor image, so be careful with this one.

product reviews contest

7. Share your story or your lifehack

If you are not a newbie in marketing, you know about the power of storytelling. So why don’t you use storytelling to boost the effectiveness of your social media giveaway contest?

Ask your followers to share their life stories or lifestyle hacks in the comments and reap the benefits. People like to talk about their lives and share their experiences with others. Entering your contest not only provides a tangible benefit if they win, but users are grateful for the chance to shine with all your followers.

Here is an excellent example of an effective giveaway. PackageFreeShop invited followers to share sustainable lifestyle hacks. As a result, the giveaway post got more than 1,600 comments. Taking into account the fact that most Package FreeShop’ posts get from 10 to 50 comments, the giveaway got amazing results.

8. Vote to win

And if you want to create an effective giveaway, you should also “provoke interactions”.  For instance, you can ask your followers to “vote” in comments and let them choose a “winner” between a few products or a few color options.

Why does this approach to social media giveaway works? Because when you ask followers to vote, you show you value their opinions. Since people like to feel valued and special, they get warm fuzzies from your brand.

The value of a vote also comes from the information you get from people who know your brand. Such insights are better and cheaper than market research because they reach current connections.

voting contests

9. Generate content to win

User-generated content (UGC) is powerful. For instance, UGC images convert at 5X compared with corporate images. Brands like Starbucks and 47% of other top performers rely almost solely on UGC. [source]

If you manage user-generated content (UGC) the right way, you increase brand exposures and improve customer loyalty.

Susan Davidson, a marketer at PickWriters, says this about UGC: “Modern people do not believe companies and their salesy brand messages. But they do believe the opinions of real customers. So if you want your company to achieve success in the long run, you should take every opportunity to boost UGC.”

Screenshot source:

10. Sign up for newsletters

Giveaway contests are used not only to grow your social media presence but also to achieve other marketing goals. For instance, you can start a contest to grow your email list. Just place the “sign up” link in your bio and ask your followers to click it.

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Keep in mind that modern users care about cybersecurity and privacy. They don’t share their emails with random companies. So if you want to create an effective social media giveaway contest, you should offer something valuable in exchange for your followers.

For instance, Airbnb offered its followers the chance to win a night at the Louvre, one of the most famous museums in the world.

newsletter signup contest

In conclusion

Keep in mind that you should use the given examples for inspiration only. Don’t try to copy them.

You should apply your professional knowledge as well as your imagination to come up with worthy giveaway contest ideas.

Create a unique social media contest to grab the target audience attention and achieved the desired results.

BIO: Elisa Abbot is a professional content creator and translator fo. She aims to provide excellent quality content to her readers and clients. In her free time, she loves watching movies in different languages and traveling to various destinations abroad.

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