Viral Marketing: 7 Elements in the Anatomy of a Buzzzzzz

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Viral marketing involves spreading your message quickly through your target market.  Social media is considered a particularly fertile area because of the potential for viral marketing to amplify your message.  Also called buzz marketing, viral marketing gets its name because it spreads through a population much like a virus – from person to person.  Viral […]

Most Successful Online Marketing Strategy: SEO, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Affiliate, or Paid Search?

A great question was posted on Quora and the answers are great.  I thought I’d share them with you.  Happy Holidays. Answer from Steve Wiideman: Steve Wiideman, Creative Search Strategist I think the best answer to this question is “yes” or “all of the above”. Depending on your industry and niche, you mind find better […]

Facebook Marketing Strategy: Let Facebook Do Your Shopping

Now retailers have even more reason to make Facebook part of their Holiday Marketing Strategy — gift cards on your wall. It’s a fun, fast way to send real gifts to your friends even if your relationship is largely virtual or separated by miles.

Facebook Business Marketing: Fan Page vs Profile vs Groups

Companies often opt for Facebook Fan pages to support their Marketing Strategies. In fact, Facebook’s terms of use say that businesses must have a Fan page rather than a profile, as Facebook profiles are restricted to individuals. But there are ways around Facebook’s restriction, such as having company executives host the Facebook profile.

Facebook Business Marketing

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Fan Page … Profile Page … Group ?????? Which is best for your Facebook marketing strategy?

Even though the question is simple — the answer is anything but simple. The best Facebook Business Marketing Strategy is muddled and depends on your marketing goals, your target market, and your industry.

Cutting Through the Clutter: Marketing Strategy

The marketing landscape is getting more and more cluttered everyday. Adding to traditional media, you now have cable networks, XM radio stations, online newspapers, and literally hundreds of social networks competing for viewer eyeballs. Fragmentation in the media has made it harder and harder for businesses to get their message to consumers; making it difficult to reach their marketing strategy goals.