It’s All About the Click: Traditional media versus digital media versus social media


Conversion is the end zone in marketing. Not just getting folks to buy your product, but speeding them on their buying journey by signing up for your mailing list, downloading your white paper, or going to a webinar. Don’t believe me? According to Hubspot research, 13% of all leads come through email marketing; making it […]

Traditional Media and Social Media: It’s NOT a Choice

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Social media (or new media) gets so much hype and traditional media is just so easy to bash that we forget both have their place (and tactics). The real problem comes when businesses rely solely on traditional media, especially when they ignore what’s being said about their brands on social media, or when they use […]

Content Marketing is Different: Traditional Media and Social Networking

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Why is content marketing in social media different than in traditional media? Because you don’t have the currency you get from paying for programming or subsidizing print media.

If Marketing Is Dead, What Do We Do Now?

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Marketing is Dead Yesterday, I wrote my commentary on a recent HBR post proclaiming Marketing IS Dead with some well-reasoned evidence that MARKETING IS NOT DEAD.  You might want to check out those comments, here, but please don’t waste your time reading the HBR post — it’s utter nonsense. What support did the author offer […]

Marketing is DEAD??????

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That’s the headline from a recent HBR (HARVARD BUSINESS Review) article — Marketing is Dead!. Huh? Have the bean counters at HBR finally LOST their marbles? Marketing? Dead? Do they propose transitioning from capitalism to a command economy, such as the one rejected by the former Soviet Union and even China finds untenable?  Because, without […]

How to Create Social Media Marketing Success: DON’T DO THIS

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How do you create social media marketing success? I guess that depends on how you measure social media marketing success.  And, using the metrics from traditional media marketing isn’t the answer. Those of you who read my post regularly probably already know this from earlier posts, but keep reading because I’m adding some new stuff […]

How to Create Social Media Marketing Success

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Last week, I gave you 16 ways social media marketing is different from traditional marketing. Now, it seems, I’ve started a trend of others posting on this topic.  Inbound marketing, is really just a collection of tools designed to DRIVE targeted traffic to your website and most of these tools fit the overall notion of […]

16 Differences Between Traditional Media and Social Networking


Understanding these differences between traditional media and social networking is key to social media marketing success.