Social Media Insights – A Strategic View

social media insights

The starting point for all your social media insights is your strategy — what do you want to accomplish? Gain more subscribers? Get leads? Make sales? Social Media Insights From these goals, you establish KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) — in other words what tells you you’re reaching your goals. When you’re talking about making sales, […]

Running a Successful Facebook Contest

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I ran across this infographic on running a successful Facebook contest yesterday and I thought I’d share it with all of you, along with my comments, of course. Facebook Contest Strategy: Before you start a Facebook contest, figure out what you hope to accomplish. Will your Facebook contest create more engagement? Will the Facebook contest encourage […]

Do You Have SMART Goals?

smart goal

SMART goals drive business success. SMART goals are the key element of your marketing strategy and form the basis for every tactic employed by the firm. But, are your goals SMART? SMART is an acronym for: Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely Here’s an example of a SMART goal: In the next 4 months (timely), we […]

Using a Newsletter to Support Social Media


Not everything you do to help make money blogging is done from your blog — some things are done offline to support your blogging success.  And a newsletter is a great way to create engagement with blog visitors, gather email addresses for a mailing list, and drive traffic back to your sales page. Here’s my […]

Social Media Marketing Success with Guy Kawasaki

guy kawasaki

Social Media Tips from Guy Kawasaki Great meeting with Guy Kawasaki recently and learning his social media tricks of the trade and tools he uses to engage Fans and Followers in social media. For those of you who don’t know him, Guy Kawasaki is the former chief evangelist at Apple Computer and co-founder at Alltop.  […]

SEO Basics

search engine optimization tips

SEO for Beginners: What is SEO? SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Another term you’ll hear a lot in this area is SERPs, which stands for Search Engine Results Page.  The reason SEO translates into profit is that consumers will normally select links on the first page of the results — commonly the […]