Content Marketing in 1 Easy Image

Elements of successful social media marketing

Content marketing is the new tool for success in social media marketing — OK, maybe not so new, but it seems like folks are just discovering it. Here’s the rule of content marketing in 1 easy image.

Marketing: What’s Working and What’s Not?

use instagram for ecommerce

Marketing is evolving – or maybe it’s that consumers are evolving and marketing needs to evolve with them. What worked last year, might not work this year. So, I ask this question about marketing: what’s working and what’s not? To help answer that question, Kapost put together this infographic on the Ghosts of Marketing. I’m […]

Viral Marketing and Other Myths That Waste Resources

social media analytics

Viral marketing and other myths about social media marketing. Don’t waste valuable resources on mythical tactics that don’t translate into ROI.

How A Great Story Spreads Your Content?

social media analytics

A great story always had the power to drive engagement, promote word of mouth, and help spread your message. Remember the old commercials for Country Crock Margarine where you only saw the hands of the actors. Over a series of commercials we saw the couple move from dating to marriage to parenthood. We almost felt […]

6 Facts About Social Media Marketing

facts about social media marketing

Is your business using digital and social media marketing? Are you getting the most out of your social media marketing campaigns? Are you on the RIGHT social media platforms to reach your target market? Is your social media marketing strategy clearly articulated and complete? Do you feel overwhelmed in trying to optimize your social media […]

How Do I Get Started with Social Media Marketing?

social media insights

How do I get started with social media marketing is a question I hear all the time. Here’s my answer.

How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform

choose the right social media platform

How do you choose the RIGHT social media platform? Here’s some guidance.

Setting Social Media Goals Creates Success

smart goal

Do you have SMART social media goals? Do you use them to assess market performance? Do you update them regularly? Why not?