The Art and Science of Social Media Analytics


There’s an art and science of social media analytics. In this post, I use data from a new client showing how both art and science are important in analyzing and formulating marketing strategy.

5 Social Media Marketing Strategy Lessons From 2012

social media strategy for 2-13

At the beginning of the year, it seems appropriate to look back at 2012 and how these milestones impact your social media marketing strategy. Major social media events in 2012 If you take a look at the infographic below (courtesy of the SEO Company), you’ll see major social media events in 2012.  I’ll highlight just […]

Social Media Analytics: Predictive Analytics

predictive analytics

Predictive analytics have been around a long time in finance and economics.  Slowly, these analytic tools are finding their way into the marketing and social media arenas. What are predictive analytics? Predictive analytics use data regarding past behaviors to predict how individuals will behave in the future. For instance, your credit score is a predictive […]

Analytics: Social Media ROI

social media ROI

Calculating Social Media ROI (Return on Investment) is a little tricky.  So many folks don’t bother trying to link analytics like ROI to evaluate your social media marketing efforts.  Others default to simple metrics, such as Likes and Followers.  But without some notion of your Social Media ROI, firms are uncomfortable investing or increasing their […]

Social Networking Salary: Media and Marketing

social media marketing salaries; customer relationship management

Social Networking Salary Guide Demand for social media employees is growing rapidly, driving up salaries — but not enough, according to Maggie McGary.  And the situation is much worse for women in social media marketing, than men; confirming the glass ceiling still exists. The problem is there’s lots of supply for all those social media […]

Does Blogging Fit in a World of Social Media Domination?

blogging and social media

Recently, experts like Jeremiah Owyang question the fit between blogging and social media. I mean, with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, do we still need blogs? But, look at how important blogging is for business success, according to Technorati: As you can see, bloggers are blogging more because people still read blogs and buy based on […]

Students Helping Startups: Teaching Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

As you might recall, I taught a social media marketing class during Fall semester at Howard University.  The class involved pairs of students working with a start-up client.  I used a blog post, which was spread through social media and super colleagues such as Techcocktail, Jess3, Guy Kawasaki, and Scott Monty, and had 75 companies […]