Customer Insights Create Competitive Advantage

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Online commerce is changing — FAST! A strategy where tech weenies used to dominate is quickly changing as the importance of online and mobile sales increase dramatically. IS YOUR BRAND READY FOR THESE CHANGES ???? Not only are more customers shopping using their computers tablets, and smartphones, but digital influence dwarfs the voice of brands’ […]

Integrate Your Social Media with Offline Advertising

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Integrating Online and Offline Marketing Cross listing Set up your social media with memorable vanity links so when you share them offline, customers can find you easily.  This way, when you put your Facebook symbol in your ad, customers can find you easily on Facebook (or Twitter or Foursquare, etc).  Getting a vanity URL on […]

How To Create a Marketing Plan: Part 2.

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My prior post covered the first half on How to Create A Marketing Plan.  Today, I’m covering the second half of how to create a marketing plan.  Specifically, we’ll be covering using findings from the situation analysis to develop a marketing strategy that helps you reach your objectives.  The last part of this series will […]

Social Media in 2011: Facebook Business Marketing, Twitter Monetization, Shopkick, and QR Codes

Among the changes expected for social media marketing in 2011 are increases in mobile marketing, utilization of customer engagement in social networks, social gaming, and new metrics to assess your social media marketing tactics.

Shopkick: The Newest App for Mobile Marketing

Tapping into the newest social media marketing strategy is Shopkick – a mobile marketing application available for iPhones. Shopkick rewards customers for shopping and provides a wealth of information for retailers to use in improving their marketing strategies. It also motivates customers to shop in your store.