Tips for Measuring the ROI of Digital Marketing

the ROI of digital marketing

In the bad old days, digital marketing was a free-for-all where instant gurus touted their money-making formulas (usually little better than snake oil salesmen) and deluded followers into spending thousands for coaching programs that didn’t work. Of course, without metrics for measuring the ROI of digital marketing, these gurus continued raking in the money from […]

5 Tips for Helping Your New Product Score Big!

new product

As we’re embroiled in the circus that is CES (consumer electronics show), I thought it made sense to give some tips on how to help your new product score big. So. let’s dive right in. Tips for helping your new product score big 1. Solve real customer problems Of course, I could be done at […]

7 Reasons Why Social Media Analytics Suck

social analytics suck

Just a few years ago, businesses stumbled in the dark trying to make sense of their social media marketing efforts because they lacked metrics for systematic assessment. Today, businesses fare much better with social media analytics from Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and a host of cross-platform analytics tools. Some are even free or very low cost. […]

5 Steps for Data-Driven Digital Marketing

conversion funnel

I know I’ve said this before, but there are vast differences between traditional media and social networking — digital marketing. If you want a good recap, check out this post on the 16 differences between traditional media and social networking. A major difference between traditional media and social networking is that, while traditional media struggles […]

The Art and Science of Social Media Analytics


There’s an art and science of social media analytics. In this post, I use data from a new client showing how both art and science are important in analyzing and formulating marketing strategy.