Prove the ROI of Digital Marketing Content

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Are you under pressure to prove the ROI of digital marketing content? Here are some options for saving your bacon.

The Art and Science of Social Media Analytics


There’s an art and science of social media analytics. In this post, I use data from a new client showing how both art and science are important in analyzing and formulating marketing strategy.

Like Us on Facebook. Huh?

like us on facebook

Many businesses use the Like us on Facebook button everywhere. But, does this really work?

Viral Marketing and Other Myths That Waste Resources

social media analytics

Viral marketing and other myths about social media marketing. Don’t waste valuable resources on mythical tactics that don’t translate into ROI.

A Four Factor Model for Assessing Social Media Performance

roi of social media

“What’s the ROI of your social media marketing campaign?” is a questions guaranteed to strike fear into the heart of any manager. But, here’s a way to answer that question.

Social Media Intelligence

social media intelligence

Some insights on using social media intelligence to improve ROI and increase your market performance.

Using Big Data to Make Money: Why Social Media Marketing Lags?

using big data to make money

Can you use big data to make money? ARE you using big data to make money? Over the last decade or so, marketing changed to something VERY data driven. No longer do CMOs make decisions based on intuition and experience alone. Increasingly, every decision. Famously, John Wanamaker (the department store giant) said: Half the money […]

Building a Comprehensive Social Media Strategy

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Do you have a social media strategy? Now, be honest. Do you REALLY have a social media strategy? Is it a comprehensive social media strategy or just a bunch of piecemeal tactics — SEO? content? Facebook? Did you tie metrics to your strategy to monitor and improve your ability to reach your goals? Create a […]