An Insider’s Guide to Digital Marketing Analytics

digital marketing analytics

Forbes proclaimed 2014 the Year of Digital Marketing Analytics, summing up the problem this way: If most digital marketing programs or campaigns have a weak area, it’s analytics. One recent study identified that the biggest talent and hiring gap in online marketing is in the analytics space. 37% of companies surveyed said that they desperately […]

Tips for Measuring the ROI of Digital Marketing

the ROI of digital marketing

In the bad old days, digital marketing was a free-for-all where instant gurus touted their money-making formulas (usually little better than snake oil salesmen) and deluded followers into spending thousands for coaching programs that didn’t work. Of course, without metrics for measuring the ROI of digital marketing, these gurus continued raking in the money from […]

10 Myths About Predictive Analytics

social media analytics

Business is tough and competition can be brutal. With many economies still sluggish after the financial Armageddon that caused a mortgage meltdown and the stock market to experience the biggest losses since the Great Depression, it’s never been harder to make a buck. Businesses trying to gain whatever competitive edge they can turned to big […]

Why Predictive Analytics is Better than Stuffing with Turkey

predictive analytics

Yum. Maybe I’m just channeling Thanksgiving — which is only a few days away, but this title just jumped into my head as I was working on today’s edition of Analytics in Action. What do predictive analytics and stuffing have in common — probably nothing, but you know the yummy goodness of stuffing with your […]

Is Your Data Taking the 5th?

social media analytics

Some businesses struggle with the basics of social media analytics — getting past measuring likes, follows, RT. Meanwhile, leading firms moved well past these descriptive analytics — and even more substantial statistics that help optimize post times and determine where leads come from. Leading firms use predictive statistics to go beyond what worked, to help […]

Predictive Analytics: Building the ROI of Social Media

predictive analytics

As part of my IBM training this week, we learned data mining as a tool to manage data and make decisions that build your ROI. How predictive analytics builds ROI Helps connect data to effective action by drawing reliable conclusions about current conditions and future events. Predictive analytics is a more proactive decision-making tool that […]

The ROI of Social Media. How Do You Measure Up?

ROI of social media

How are you measuring the ROI of social media? Do you measure up against your peers? Does the ROI of social media meet your expectations? Do your metrics help make better business decisions? ROI of social media ROI means return on investment and when we talk about the ROI of social media we’re looking at […]