Attracting Social Media Fans: Give ‘Em What They Want

  We all know the value of social media fans: they spread your message through their networks, acting like word of mouth on steroids. defend your brand when others complain answer consumer questions and share satisfaction about your brand influence others to buy your brand You want to generate MORE social media fans and keep […]

Branding, PIVOT, and Paid PR

Ask a Marketing Expert

Brand Awareness I have a question from a linkedin connection: “what is the best way to create brand awareness for loyalty programs?” Nancy Loderick I say it would depend on the buyer persona for the loyalty programs. Where are the customers/prospects? Are they online? Where online? Depending on where these folks are, I would focus […]

How To Create a Marketing Plan: Part 2.

sustainable competitive advantage

My prior post covered the first half on How to Create A Marketing Plan.  Today, I’m covering the second half of how to create a marketing plan.  Specifically, we’ll be covering using findings from the situation analysis to develop a marketing strategy that helps you reach your objectives.  The last part of this series will […]

Recap and Update of Last Week’s Marketing Strategies Discussion

I recap and update material from posts earlier in the week. I’ve provided a link to open use analysis software recommended by Dr. Steven White, updated and provided a link to discussions as part of “Ask a Marketing Expert”, and continued soliciting non-profits for my marketing classes in the fall.

Marketing Strategy: Customer Satisfaction and Delight (Part 4)

Successful marketing strategy is not one size fits all — different situations require different strategies. This series has introduced marketing strategies for different product types.

Marketing Strategy: Customer Satisfaction and Delight (Part 3)

Successful marketing strategy rests on creating customer satisfaction. This series describes different product types and strategies for achieving satisfaction.

Integrated Marketing Strategy

Marketing needs to be very strategic and integrated. Having a social media strategy, an advertising strategy, an online strategy, etc. doesn’t serve the company’s best interests. All these strategies need to start with an integrated marketing strategy, which combines tactics from various communication media, with product strategies, pricing strategies, and distribution strategies.

Using Social Media to Market Medical Products

Trust, clutter, and patient education are 3 important aspects of marketing medical products and services. Social media are particularly effective when it comes to addressing these issues.