5 Ways to Create Value for A Facebook Like


          According to Hubspot, customers are 51% more likely to make a purchase after LIKING a brand on Facebook! WOW! That makes a Facebook Like REALLY valuable, so you should do whatever you can to get as many Likes as possible, right? WRONG! Let’s explore what a Facebook LIKE is really […]

Marketing Strategy on Facebook: 3 Keys to Being LIKED

Having more Likes is a good thing — they support your marketing strategy by spreading your message through your “Fans” and all of their friends, thus amplifying your message. And Starbucks is the leading company in terms of their Facebook Business Marketing Strategy – with over 16 million Likes – followed closely by Coca Cola with over 15 million Likes.

Why a Sad Puppy Face is a Great Marketing Strategy

sad puppy

People go nuts for babies and puppies (kittens are pretty good, too). So, when you use a sad puppy face in your advertising, it gets people to look, thus supporting your marketing strategy.