Analytics, Listening, and Influencers in Social Media

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I learned a lot of stuff last week at Social Media Week – 2013. And, I saw some cool tools demoed. Today, I’d like to talk about a tool to identify influencers in social media — Traackr. Now, I know we’ve all heard of Trackur — which is a general listening tool that monitors your […]

Back to Marketing Basics: Market Research in the Social Media Age

market research

Market research is often undervalued in companies and is often one of the first things eliminated when times are tough.  But, that’s the wrong attitude. Market research is crucial for uncovering marketing opportunities. Consider the humble minivan — only the MOST successful new car concept in many years.  This car concept generate billions of dollars […]

Hierarchy of Effects: Monitoring and Maximizing Your Marketing Efforts


The hierarchy of effects is: Marketing term for the sequence of five steps a consumer passes through from the initial exposure to a product or advertisement to the purchasedecision: (1) awareness, (2) interest, (3) evaluation, (4) conviction, and (5) purchase.   Why we should care about the hierarchy of effects Recently, I wrote a post […]