Use Social Media to Support Your Local Business

social media support your local business

Local businesses often feel like social media just isn’t for them.  But blogging is still a good way to make money, even if you never want to make money from your blog.  Small local businesses can see a huge increase in sales through blogging and other social media tactics driving customers to your physical store. […]

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Marketing Is LOVEABLE

social media

Interesting graphic today from HubSpot on how marketing is loveable.  I’m not sure when marketing became a 4 letter word, but I agree marketing spruced up its image with the rise of social media. Of course, understand that only a small fraction of most company’s marketing spend is for social media — and much of […]

Marketing Jobs: McDonalds, Gaylord Hotels, and the NY Post


I’m a little late getting the marketing jobs listing out this week, so I apologize. Here’s the list of marketing jobs open this week. Numbers refer to marketing jobs listed at Howard University, however most employment opportunities are open to anyone.  If you’re a Howard student, please contact CPD for more details.  Others should contact […]

Marketing Strategy: Is Impersonal Influence Ethical

Today, we are talking about impersonal influence as part of your marketing strategy. Influence strategies including product cues, pricing cues, brand cues, scarcity and follow the leader are discussed. Finally, we discuss the ethics of these strategies.

Marketing Relationships (Part 3)

In the 3rd installment of my series on business marketing relationships, I discuss power and influence in business marketing relationships. I discuss and give examples of several types of power and influence as well as references to read more about how these work in business marketing relationships. Finally, I provide some recommendations related to the use of power and influence within business marketing relationships.