Analytics: Social Media Marketing Grows Up

social media roi

Social media is changing — and analytics are leading this transformation.  Yet, surprisingly, when I pitch my business to prospective clients, I’m shocked to find competitors never mentioned metrics or analytics when discussing their services.  Or, they assess metrics that don’t lead to success of your social media marketing strategies — like #Fans/ Followers, Page […]

Google Adwords: Creating a Successful PPC Strategy

Social media insights

An earlier post discussed some basics of Google Adwords, so you should read that post, if you haven’t already.  Today, I’d like to more forward in our discussion of using Google Adwords to drive more traffic to your website. Selecting Appropriate Keywords Obviously, from our last discussion, keyword selection is critical for success — they […]

Analytics: Social Media ROI

social media ROI

Calculating Social Media ROI (Return on Investment) is a little tricky.  So many folks don’t bother trying to link analytics like ROI to evaluate your social media marketing efforts.  Others default to simple metrics, such as Likes and Followers.  But without some notion of your Social Media ROI, firms are uncomfortable investing or increasing their […]

Can Your Market HEAR You? Getting Your Message Heard!

getting your message heard

Did you ever play “telephone” when you were a kid? Remember how funny it was to have someone start a message, then hear something totally garbled at the end after each friend whispered the message in the next person’s ear.  Well, it’s not so funny when this happens to your branding message. You want your […]

Happy New Year: Social Media Style

How has social media affected the holidays?

Here are some of the changes social media brought to my holidays this year. Feel free to add some of your own.

Listening in Social Media

My own experience listening in social media is mainly in an area commonly overlooked by firms who mostly use listening as a means of reputation management or pro-active complaint handling. My expertise in online listening is using online conversations as a means for understanding consumer behavior.

Week in Review: What’s Ahead

Next week I plan a series of posts on measuring ROI and using other elements of a marketing dashboard in strengthening marketing strategies. As always, your comments and suggestions are valued. If you have suggestions for topics, I’d love to hear them. I also encourage you to post links to other discussions of topics related to posts.

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