Marketing Simulation versus A/B Testing

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Marketing simulation versus A/B testing A/B testing involves creating different versions of your marketing materials. Consumers view only 1 version using a process of random selection to determine which version any consumer sees. Marketers then monitor to see which version performs best, usually based on consumer actions, such as buying the product, or subscribing, consumer […]

Customer Insights Create Competitive Advantage

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Online commerce is changing — FAST! A strategy where tech weenies used to dominate is quickly changing as the importance of online and mobile sales increase dramatically. IS YOUR BRAND READY FOR THESE CHANGES ???? Not only are more customers shopping using their computers tablets, and smartphones, but digital influence dwarfs the voice of brands’ […]

Perceptual Mapping: Beyond the Basics

perceptual map

I get lots of comments and questions about an old post on perceptual mapping. I think this is great. It means folks are using these predictive analytics to optimize their business. But, it makes me realize there’s a lot I left out of that original post on perceptual mapping. So, here’s the continuation of that […]

Back to Marketing Basics: Market Research in the Digital Age

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Market research guides your marketing strategy and should underpin everything you do as a business. As businesses march ever more relentlessly toward improved metrics, market research should be the first arrow you pull from your quiver. Yet, many of the same managers demanding better metrics fail to grasp the importance of market research. Why firms […]

4 Disasters with Social Media Metrics

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In a recent series of posts, I’ve discussed the importance of Social Media Metrics for helping you run your business. But, in the wrong hands, those social media metrics can prove disastrous. Here are a few of my favorite social media metrics disasters and some suggestions for how to avoid them: Social media metrics disaster […]

Social Media as Market Research

social media market research

Social media is a fabulous market research tool! It allows you to step into everyone’s living room and hear the kinds of conversations they have around their dining room every night (well, assuming people still HAD conversations around their dining table). Social media as market research Businesses seem to always think about social media as […]

Back to Marketing Basics: Market Research in the Social Media Age

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Market research is often undervalued in companies and is often one of the first things eliminated when times are tough.  But, that’s the wrong attitude. Market research is crucial for uncovering marketing opportunities. Consider the humble minivan — only the MOST successful new car concept in many years.  This car concept generate billions of dollars […]

Market Research: Know Your Customer

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Almost everything you read about marketing and social media advises you to “know your customer” — or prospective customer.  And, that’s sound advice.  But, how many of you REALLY take the time to get to know your customer?  Don’t lie …. Be honest with yourself. Did you really do systematic market research to understand not […]