Ideation and Innovation

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Innovation can take many forms. Whether innovation involves creating a new consumer product or service, an innovative business model or your innovation is simply a new way of doing business, innovations fuel competitive advantage for your organization that helps you stand out to consumers. Innovation also helps build a stronger economy that makes things better […]

Facebook IPO : Should You Buy?

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The Facebook IPO (Initial Public Offering) today generated more buzz than any IPO I can remember.  Of course, the Facebook IPO is the LARGEST tech IPO in history and the 3rd largest IPO in the history of NASDAQ.  At the asking price of $38, the Facebook IPO creates a value for Facebook of over $100 […]

Facebook Business Marketing: Video Calls on Skype


Today, Facebook announced some changes creating more things to do within Facebook; attempting to gain a bigger share of users’ online activity rather than more users.  Probably the worst kept secret announced today is that Facebook will incorporate video calls on Skype into the Facebook platform.  Other changes announced include an enhanced interface for group […]

Value of Social Media and Listening Posts – Ask a Marketing Expert

Archived Ask a Marketing Expert discussed Listening Posts and ROI in social media — especially the value of a Facebook fan or Twitter Follower.

3 Problems with Facebook Groups Can Threaten Your Facebook Marketing Business

New Facebook Groups can help your marketing strategy — but they may not be right for you. I blogged a few days ago about some valuable aspects of Facebook groups. Today I’d like to discuss some issues with Facebook Groups that might hurt your Facebook Marketing Strategy, rather than help it.