“May the Force (of LinkedIn) Be With You” : How to Become a LinkedIn Jedi

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When George Lucas first launched the epic Star Wars trilogy back in the seventies, I remember the extremely long lines (giving away my age) associated with viewing this futuristic, science fiction adventure. “May the force be with you” become a popular catchphrase way back when and now it has been revamped with the more current […]

Content Marketing is Different: Traditional Media and Social Networking

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Why is content marketing in social media different than in traditional media? Because you don’t have the currency you get from paying for programming or subsidizing print media.

How to Make Your Content Marketing SIZZLE

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We all KNOW content marketing is the key to building and sustaining a network that generates sales or leads for your organization.  But, how effective IS your content marketing strategy? Ineffective Content Marketing Based on their study, Marketo finds most firms feel their content marketing could use a shot of espresso — to supercharge their […]

5 Social Media Marketing Strategy Lessons From 2012

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At the beginning of the year, it seems appropriate to look back at 2012 and how these milestones impact your social media marketing strategy. Major social media events in 2012 If you take a look at the infographic below (courtesy of the SEO Company), you’ll see major social media events in 2012.  I’ll highlight just […]

Digital East: Cutting Edge Social Media

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Yesterday, I moderated a panel discussion on Digital Innovations at Digital East. Since the panel consisted of Mashable, Slate, BIA/Kelsey, and Geeknet, it’s no wonder our session centered on Social Media.

Using the hashtag, I’ve Storified reports on transformative social media from attendees.