9 Essential of Content Marketing

content marketing versus link building for SEO

What do you need to know in building your content marketing strategy?

8 Tips for Optimizing YouTube for Social Media Success

youtube channel

YouTube is definitely the world leader in video sharing, with an unbelievable 72 HOURS of content uploaded every MINUTE. Vimeo is the next closest contender in the video sharing space, but it’s a smaller site more often used by filmmakers to share ideas than businesses using video as an anchor to their social media success. […]

SEO: Keywords Versus Customer Intent

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SEO has evolved a lot over the last couple of years.  Sure, Google makes little tweaks to the algorithm driving SEO all the time, but recent Panda and Penguin updates really changed the whole nature of SEO; penalizing a number of high profile sites for keyword loading and other shady SEO tactics. And, SEO is […]

Keywords Unlock Success For Your Website

select keywords carefully

This is a guest post from Debra Johnson. Having content on your website gives something for the search engines to index, but having the right keywords within your content is how people find you in search results. Although you don’t want to stuff keywords in your pages to the point where it reads badly, you […]

Listening in Social Media

My own experience listening in social media is mainly in an area commonly overlooked by firms who mostly use listening as a means of reputation management or pro-active complaint handling. My expertise in online listening is using online conversations as a means for understanding consumer behavior.

How to Use Social Media in Your Innovation Strategy

Listening to Social Media conversations not only helps you manage your online reputation, it can be invaluable in informing development of new products and modifications to existing ones.