How to Use Consumer Psychology to Increase ROI

consumer psychology and ROI

Consumers are people first and understanding the consumer psychology of how consumers learn about your brand and buy it can explode your ROI.

Content May Be King, But Marketing is Queen

content marketing dillemma

To be clear, I didn’t coin this phrase, but I certainly agree wholeheartedly that content may be king, but marketing is queen. And, I’ve written about this before … the notion that content marketing, at its core, IS marketing. Why marketing is queen In a slightly dated study by AOL and Nielsen, 27 MILLION pieces […]

5 Tips for Creating Landing Pages That CONVERT

predictive analytics maximize ROI

For most of you, creating a landing page that converts is critical for success. Whether you’re doing lead generation, building a subscription list, or closing a sale, the quality of your landing page determines your success. I found this easy infographic from QuickSprout that explains the various elements critical for creating landing pages that convert. […]

Weapons of Influence: Motivate for Money

social media market research

Influence is the grease that makes your marketing work. Using the weapons of influence to market your brand is critical —  it motivates your network to share your message; it motivates folks to buy your products; it even impacts how people FEEL about your product.  As I was writing my book, Social Media Marketing: The […]

6 Weapons of Influence in Social Media

A couple of weeks ago I discussed the first 3 weapons of influence and today I’d like to talk about the last 3 weapons of influence you should use to convert visitors to your social media platforms, encourage fans and followers to share your social media content, and build your community. As I’ve said before, […]

Marketing, Influence, and Sustainability


Sustainability is one of the hottest terms in business today.  According to Wikipedia, sustainability is: development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs A couple of weeks ago, I attended a presentation by Robert Cialdini on sustainability research he’d conducted.  Bob works mainly […]

Influence Makes Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Work


Influence in social media is the grease that makes your social media marketing strategy work, but do you know how to effectively employ influence?