1000’s in Organic Traffic

target marketing

Who want’s more organic traffic to their website? Everybody!!!!!! In traditional media marketing, it was getting eyeballs, in social media marketing it’s getting traffic. While it’s important to drive THE RIGHT traffic, more organic traffic is always better than less traffic. Build organic traffic to your website and you’re ROI (return on investment) will increase. […]

Solving the Content Marketing Dilemma

content marketing dillemma

Do you have a content marketing strategy? Do you have the resources necessary to implement your content marketing strategy? Do you find it easy to create unique content on a consistent basis? If you answered NO to any or all of these questions, you’re not alone. According to OneSpot, most firms face these and other […]

Social Media Boon or Bust for Small Businesses?

social media boon

Just a few years ago, social media or digital marketing was heralded as the “Great Equalizer” — a tool that would give small businesses an equal footing with the giants (enterprise businesses). With the recent change in organic reach at Facebook, is that still true? Is social media a boon or bust for small business? […]