Social Media Boon or Bust for Small Businesses?

social media boon

Just a few years ago, social media or digital marketing was heralded as the “Great Equalizer” — a tool that would give small businesses an equal footing with the giants (enterprise businesses). With the recent change in organic reach at Facebook, is that still true? Is social media a boon or bust for small business? […]

7 Things You Thought You Knew About Content Marketing Were Wrong!


Content marketing is rapidly becoming SEO. But, many things you thought you knew about content marketing strategy were wrong. Here are my top 7.

4 Steps to Optimize Content Marketing Strategy


Do you optimize content marketing to achieve your goals? Here’s a 4-step process you can use alone or with SocialEars.

33+ Facts about Content Marketing


Wanna bunch of facts about content marketing? Watch this cute video, based on Michael Brenner’s 33 stats about the future of content marketing.

What You Need To Know About Google Hummingbird

social media marketing success

Introduced quietly a few months ago, Google’s Hummingbird shouldn’t scare you away.

What is Content Marketing?

predictive analytics maximize ROI

What is content marketing and why are so many folks talking about it?

Creating an Online Measurement Plan

creating an online measurement plan

I found this great video from Google on how to create an online measurement plan for your business. It’s important to clearly identify what to measure and how to measure it if you want to make better decisions leading to better market performance. Take a look at the video and let me know what you […]

The Content Marketing Game

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Changes to the Google Algorithm make content marketing the hub of your SEO strategy. Do you have a sound content marketing strategy to compete in this new world? If not, here are some thoughts to get you started. The content marketing game  My buddy, Peter over at SocialEars, created this infographic on how to effectively […]